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April 7th, 2014

6.2.0 update is now available!

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  • Today's update is all about gameplay improvements. We've polished the Magic Piano experience to make it even easier and more fun to jam!

I just logged into an existing account, but lost the Smoola, songs, and achievements that I earned before I logged in. What happened?

Unfortunately, Smoola, songs, and achievements earned while registered as a Guest don't follow you into an existing account. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact our team at with your Magic Piano username, and we can restore everything you earned before logging in.

Why did you replace Smoola Packs with All Access Passes?

All Access Passes allow us to bring you more music, more affordably. Simple as that! Here's a little break down of how that works out.

With an All Access Pass you can:

  • Play every song in Magic Piano as many times as you want - over 600, plus new songs added every week.
  • Use any of the 18 instruments in Magic Piano as much as you want.

Together, all instruments and songs would cost over $450 if purchased with Smoola. Now, you can play them all for as little as $0.77 per week when you buy a Full Year Pass ($39.99 Full Year Pass / 52 weeks = $0.77 per week). Monthly and Weekly passes are available too!

NOTE: If you do not choose to get an All Access Pass, you can still spend any Smoola you bought in the past, and you can continue to earn Smoola by leveling up, watching videos and completing offers. However you can no longer purchase Smoola packs in the app.

How do I get access to the new free songs and instruments?

  • You can earn XP for scoring high on songs. You get bonus XP the first time you get a new star on any song.
  • Instead of 3 stars per song, there are three stars per song per difficulty. Collect all the stars for max XP.
  • Achievements give bonus XP and Smoola. Tap the trophy icon on the songbook to see your achievements.
  • Accumulate XP to level up and earn the songs and instruments that show as locked in the songbook. Any locked song/instrument can be unlocked early for Smoola if you don't want to wait!

I already had a level in the old version of Magic Piano. What happens when I update?

  • Your Level stays the same. XP is set to 0 for that level. You can now level all the way to 100 instead of stopping at 26!
  • You will keep your same achievements, with progress preserved. Some former level objectives are now achievements, e.g. "The Song That Never Ends."
  • Top score for all songs is preserved, however it will be on the pre-song / difficulty selection screen instead of in the songbook.
  • Your current star rating for songs is transferred to star rating for Hard difficulty in new version. So if you had two stars in Moonlight Sonata and updated, you would have 0 stars on easy, 0 stars on medium, and 2 stars on hard. This way your progress is saved, but you can still go back and earn XP by gaining stars on easy and medium.

I haven't updated to the new system yet. Why are there paid songs in the free section?

The songbook no has a section called "Free Songs" with all the songs you can unlock by leveling up in the new version. In the new version, you can pay smoola to unlock them early. Because everyone sees the same store, you will see a section called "free songs" with paid songs in it until you update. Update to the new version to unlock all those songs by leveling up!

How do subscriptions work in Magic Piano?

With new Unlimited Premium Subscriptions in Magic Piano, you pay one low weekly, monthly or annual price to access ALL of the songs and instruments in the app - that's over 500 songs and new songs are being added weekly! Play them as many times as you like and enjoy the perks of being a premium subscriber!

Where do I find the subscription options in Magic Piano?

At the moment, subscriptions are only available on the purchase screen to a limited number of new users while we put the finishing touches on the experience. We're very excited to make unlimited premium subscriptions available to all users as soon as we can!

What if I want to upgrade my subscription?

You can manage your subscription at any time through iTunes and change your type of subscription. See this link for a step by step guide:

What if I want to unsubscribe?

You can turn off the auto-renewing subscription at any time through iTunes. See this link for a step by step guide:

You will be unsubscribed after your current subscription period has expired. You can not cancel the current active subscription period. Once your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to play songs you downloaded while you were a subscriber. You can still purchase songs using Smoola, and any songs you purchased with Smoola before subscribing will remain available to play. You will still

When will my subscription renew?

  • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
  • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package.

Free? C'mon, nothing is free, what's the catch?

Yes, Magic Piano for iPhone and iPod touch is FREE! Download it today. You get 3 free songs, plus enough SMOOLA to download more songs as well. Look for Free songs added to the app every week. So Free it hurtz!

Songbook mode is awesome! How do I get more songs to play?

All the songs in Magic Piano can be purchased using Smoola, Smule's virtual currency. Buy packs of Smoola and redeem them for your favorite songs. It's that easy. Free Songs are added to the app every week so keep your eyes peeled. Learn more details about Smoola here.

Can I use "Magic Piano" on my iPhone or iPod touch?

YES! Finally, Magic Piano is available for iPhone and iPod touch. 'Nuff said.

I'm singing as loud as I can, but I can't hear any effects on my voice. Is my "Magic Piano" broken?

No, your piano is working correctly. To use "Magic Piano", touch the surface of the device with your fingertips. Playing the spiral or circular keyboards will let you chose precisely the notes you wish to play. Playing in Free mode, wherever you touch on the screen generates a pleasing note. You can't miss!

How do I log in with facebook?

First you need to already have a facebook account. Enter in your facebook credentials, the app will ask you for a username. You can either enter in a new username or if you already have a Smule username click on "I have a Smule Account!" and enter in your Smule account info.

Note: If you created a new username, you will have to check the email attached to your facebook account to finish activation.

How do I change the size or range of my pianos?

When you are in piano mode (spiral or circular), touch two fingers vertically on the right side of the iPad screen. If you slide the two fingers simultaneously up and down, the register of the piano will slide up or down (the note range will become higher or lower). To add or remove keys to the pianos, widen or tighten the space between your two fingers. It's that easy!

What do the colored dots mean when using a songbook song?

Yellow dots indicate chords, so be prepared to use more than one finger when you see a yellow dot.

Why did you pick colors with such little contrast for songbook mode, what about us color-blind people?

We will fix that with a future update.

Songbook mode sounds out of tune, and writing says something is too far to one or other side, why?

There are two different modes that you can use to either concentrate on just playing the correct rhythm of the piece or to challenge yourself more by having to tap the screen in the right place - if you miss the note, it sounds out of tune. To choose the mode you are using, go to the Settings menu and turn perfect pitch on or off.

Hey, my songs and smoola are gone! I only see the original three free songs what's going on?!

There are two things that could be happening.
  1. You were logged out and went offline, the app couldn't get your songlist, so it shows a default list. When you get back online log in and your songlist should come back.
  2. You were logged out or you logged in while our servers were down. You will have to wait till we can get them back up, then log in again and your songlist should come back.

If you were logged in while offline, or logged in while the servers were down, you can still play any and all of the songs that you own and are downloaded.

What is multitasking and how can it effect apps?

Multitasking allows you to switch between apps. Double-clicking the home button will open a tray showing all running applications. Switching to another running app is as simple as clicking on it.

How do I stop running apps in the background?

Double click the home button the multi task tray will open up at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold an icon until it shakes and has a little red minus. Tap the apps that you aren't using to close them.

Magic Piano doesn't work right when I use three fingers to tap.

Try turning off Zoom you can do this by going to: Settings > Acccessibility > Zoom OFF

Is there a privacy policy?

You can find Smule's privacy policy here.

I bought smoola as a guest, then I registered, but the smoola I bought is missing.

We have fixed this issue. For users that are seeing this problem now, please restart the app and wait for the smoola to update. You should automatically see the correct amount now. If not, please log out and log back in which should then reset the amount correctly.

For additional support, click the button below to email Smule support.

When you email Smule for support, Magic Piano accesses your device identifier.