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SonicMule's "This Contest Blows" Contest is... finally... OVER!!!

The results are in!!! After careful and meticulous consideration by our highly-trained cadre of judges, their subjective and objective inputs, as well as over a Terabyte of data (including YouTube views, star-rankings, and the number of letters in each submission's title) were fed into our custom-designed 143-core server running a top-secret Smulean algorithm to determine the FINAL 5 user-created Ocarina videos in the World.

Joining the now World-Famous previously selected and internationally-celebrated initial 10 winners, each currently spending their hard-earned $1000, these fantastic 5 videos will each earn their creators a whopping... you guessed it... $1000. Rock on, Smulers... rock... on!

Here they are... The FINAL FIVE (Winners, not Cylons):

The Final 5 $1000 Winners!

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday
The Ocarina Is Everywhere
Star-Spangled Banner
My Neighbor Totoro
Olympic Theme: 3rd Edition

The first 10 $1000 Winners!

Monkey Head by laughtech

It takes a talent as large as laughtech's to top both our top 10 and Smule RAZZIE's lists. We love the Monkey Head, and the rubber bananna too. He's now moved so far outside of the box, that the only thing left is, well, Big Foot's Dandruff... but that's a whole 'nother story entirely (see below if you dare!). Rock on Monkey Head... Rock ON!!!

Hot N Cold by davidchoimusic

David Choi rocked our world with this rendition of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold", featuring a great juxtaposition of Ocarina Melody with a Korean Folk song as well. Great Work David!

Oh Shenandoah by hrdrockgrrl

Great technique and wonderful playing by one of our most favorite ocarinists ever. Check out the fluid grace notes and musicality.

Music of the Night with your Nose by goddesslynz

Putting her intensive training in the ancient Polynesian practice of 'Ohe hano ihu', which in Hawaiian means "bamboo, breath, nose", the legendary goddesslynz manages to refrain from Rick Rolling our office with her original rendition of the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic. With the nose people... with the NOSE!!! Love it.

Good Sleep, Fast Sleep by Degravia

A great and creative take on the Ocarina with a stylish hand-drawn style of animations and a heartwarming and sensitive use for the Ocarina.

Whistle Stop by BlakeCarlileITM

A guy in need of a REAL Smule T-Shirt who can't pronounce the name of our company, yet still manages to craft a charming and endearing rendition of a classic tune.

Sadness and Sorrow by vladtepesdrac

He rocks the piano, guitar, Ocarina and... Pipa?. A strong musical entry showcasing a talented musician and his arsenal of instruments (including Ocarina!).

Greetings from Hungary! by hunocarina

From Hungary... we guess? Euro-pop meets foot-tapping musical travelogue in this clearly non-green-screened romp around the world... what can we say, we love globes!

Song of Storms by Watemon

In this veritable Ocarina tour-de-force, watemon arranges a complex multi-part accompaniment and melody from the classic "Song of Storms" all on Ocarina! Each part to this masterwork was recorded using the Ocarina's recording feature and can be found on watemon's User page. Great work!

Carol of the Bells by AliHandal

An endearing holiday classic and a lovely duet performed with style and lots of flair.

The Oca-Razzies!

Big Foot's Dandruff by laughtech

In this brilliantly-awful re-interpretation of Shakespeare's "Twelfth night" (Act 2, Scene 4 from Duke Orsino's palace), laughtech twists the original text into a wholly-new creation:

Giant flakes of skin
on the ground and in the brush
The smell of it, makes you puke
because its Bigfoot's dandruff.

As the first and only entry on our countdown to actually show vomiting on screen, this entry greatly exceeded our wildest expectations and was so brilliantly awful as to almost make our top 10 list. Instead, it ended up here.

This Contest Blows Ocarina Video Entry Farting by tacotuesdayman

It's a guy, farting into his phone, playing the Theme to Legend of Zelda with... well, you know. I guess it really was Taco Tuesday.

I say to you Mr. tacotuesdayman, you've done enough! Have you no sense of decency sir!? At long last, have you no, sense of decency?!?

Katy Perry Hot N Cold on iPhone JUMOKETV(COVER) by JumokeTV

Man that JumokeTV can sing. He's got soul, he's not too "pitchy dawg", and he's in the right place with his own interpretation of Katy Perry's hit "Hot N Cold". We're diggin' it!

So after all that praise, why is this cover of... a cover... of... a Katy Perry song on the 10 worst list? Oh, one thing I forgot... this was an OCARINA contest! That means, submit a video with the Ocarina in it.

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Connie Talbott by uogood

Cute little girl singing out-of-tune: epic-ly awful.

In-tune overlaid Ocarina accompaniment: ARARAGGGHGHGHGHGHHG!!!

Ocarina Cat playing by born2bounce05

What's there not to love... for 40 seconds, Garfield the cat (yes, that's his real name) serenades us from his iPhone's home-screen (note that it's not even showing Ocarina!). Cat: $20, Couch: $130, iPhone: $199, Ocarina:... Ocarina:... : )

Calabria by xMiamiMichael

Sometimes, words really just can't describe something like this. Just... watch it... there... you see? bad.

Poker Face by Maverick373

Lady GaGa never sounded better. Hockey is cool, we get that too. This video however... well...? Maverick373 has quickly made a name for himself around the Smule office for his offbeat, disturbing and quirky videos. And there are a bunch of them. This is his first entry on our countdown... not his last.

Ocarina Magic by Maverick373

... and he's back :) Nothing up my sleeve... and with a wave of my wrist and a few magic words... "hocus pocus"... and SHAZAM!!!! Keep on keepin' on Maverick... these aren't winners but you've got a special, weird place in our hearts.

Ocarina Master: Collectors Collection Infomercial by reik09

For a limited time only... very, very, slowly... Ocarina Masters... order now... even more, slowly... it's Morse Code... What's he saying... He's saying... Kill me... Over and over again... Kill me...

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