Music is more than just listening — music also includes creating, sharing, discovering, participating and connecting. Music is the original social network, with the power to break down barriers, touch souls, and bring people from all over the world together.

When we started in 2008, Smule was just a company with a fun name and a big dream. We wanted to bring music back to its roots and empower anyone to join in. Today, we’re a vibrant, global community of music lovers where millions of people across the world come together each day to share their passion for music, make new friends, cheer each other on, and simply have fun.

If you love music, wake up humming, play a mean air guitar, can’t stop singing in the shower, or dream of rocking out in a punk ukulele band, join us. Who knows, you might just find your harmonious doppelganger or melodic twin separated at birth. Anyone can do it. No previous experience required.

Let’s music together.

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Key Leadership

Jeff Smith
Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith, CEO and Co-Founder Linkedin

Jeff started Smule in June of 2008 with a vision to bring music back to its roots as a creative, participatory medium. For the past twenty-six years, Jeff has led businesses he co-founded, including Envoy (acquired by Novell '92), Tumbleweed (NASDAQ IPO '99), Simplify Media (acquired by Google '10), and Smule. His mother was his first piano teacher; she taught him to play when he was four. Jeff continued his piano studies while getting a BS in Computer Science at Stanford University ('89), eventually returning to earn a PhD in Computer based Music and Acoustics from Stanford ('13). Jeff continues to perform and compose works for piano. Jeff started his career after college as an engineer in AI at IBM's Scientific Center in Palo Alto and went on to serve as a software architect at Frame (Adobe Systems).

First Smule favorite: Twilight of the Thunder God
All time repeat: Barbie Girl
Bill Bradford
Bill Bradford, President Linkedin

With over 25 years of experience building high tech businesses, Bill is responsible for revenue, operations, marketing, bus dev & artist production. Bill was previously co-founder/CEO of Simplify Media (acquired by Google) and co-founder/COO of Thuuz Sports, following stints at Adobe, Connectix and Tumbleweed. Bill enjoys playing the bass with his family band and graduated from Stanford University.

First Smule favorite: You're Welcome!
All time repeat: Camarote
Laurent Saurel
Laurent Saurel, Chief Financial Officer Linkedin

Laurent leads Smule's financial operations. Prior to becoming CFO, Laurent was VP Finance for the company, managing the corporate-wide financial planning. Over the last 20 years, he has built highly efficient teams not only for large publicly traded corporations, like Ubisoft, but also for fast-paced startups, like MindJet (acquired by Corel) and KIXEYE (acquired by Stillfront). Laurent enjoys music best with his family as his kids know how to rock it out. He holds a MS in finance from ISG Paris.

First Smule favorite: Place des grands hommes
All time repeat: Smooth Criminal - Glee Version
Eric Dumas
Eric Dumas, CTO & General Manager Bulgaria Linkedin

Eric brings 15 years of experience in highly challenging operational, business and technological areas. At Smule, Eric is responsible (among other things) to ensure our technology enables our users to have a great experience around the world, focus on our operations and information security, as well as to create and to lead our second office located in Europe. Eric has held various positions in France, USA, Japan, Bulgaria as VP Engineering, GM, CTO, COO for various US and European software B2B or B2C companies including Tumbleweed and PostPath. He was most recently CEO of Vayant Travel Technologies (acquired by PROS). He holds a MS in Computer Science from the University of Bordeaux and has been spending so much time on a plane that he is convinced music is making long halls shorter.

First Smule favorite: Castle On The Hill
All time repeat: Mi Gente

Board Members

David Cowan
Jason Pressman
Tom Ryan
Luanne Calvert
Ken Rudin
Elizabeth (Betsey) Nelson
Standish O'Grady
Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith