Join Smule and change how music is made, shared, and discovered.

At Smule, we create social music-making experiences for everyone, no talent required. We are a diverse bunch of musicians, techies, designers, engineers, and real-life rock stars who believe that everyone is inherently creative.

Based in the sunny and beautiful South of Market in San Francisco, California, our office boasts of an open floor plan with lots of natural light, a jam session space with a grand piano, bass guitar, an electric guitar, a drum set, and much more. Our neighborhood is located a few steps away from AT&T Ballpark with an abundance of restaurants, wine bars, art events, parks, and museums to satisfy your palate.

Open Positions


At Smule, our employees can take advantage of a wide variety of options to make working here a blast!

The Normal Stuff

  • Comprehensive medical, dental, life, and vision benefits
  • 401K
  • HSA
  • Pre-tax commuter and parking programs
  • Awesome work equipment
  • SUPER flexible work and vacation schedule

Food stuff

  • Fully stocked kitchen with carefully curated snacks, refreshments and fresh fruit
  • Catered lunch twice a week, catered breakfast thrice a week
  • Daily dinner after 6pm via Munchery, Tender Greens, and Caviar

Additional Stuff

  • A huge area with a plethora of instruments for impromptu employee jam sessions
  • Fun Workshops (beer tasting, ukulele, bike, recycling, crossfit, etc)
  • Staff events, outings, team-building opportunities (rafting, summer party with talent show, ski trips)
  • Last Friday of the month birthday celebration with too many sweets!
  • Yoga on site twice a month
  • Monthly Happy Hour
  • Halloween and Costume Party
  • Smackathon
  • Thanksgiving Luncheon
  • Monthly Karaoke Party
  • Weekly Wednesday Game Nights
  • Dog friendly
  • Lunch Roulette Tuesdays
  • Free notary

Want to see us in action? Follow on Instagram, add us on Facebook, check out our YouTube, or follow us on Twitter!

Our CEO, Jeff Smith, was interviewed on 'The Tech Blog Writer' Podcast! Check out episode 107 here!

Open Positions



Networking Engineer

This position is a growth position for an existing network engineer. You will manage our Arista infrastructure, vendors, ISPs, and related tasks across multiple datacenters. You must work well with others, including our Senior Network Engineer.

  • maintaining our Arista, Brocade, and A10 infrastructure
  • interface and troubleshoot issues with our Linux and NetApp systems administrators
  • document all infrastructure and maintain correctness
  • engage in service capacity planning, demand forecasting, and budget planning
  • manage and resolve issues with ISPs and vendors around the world
  • experience working with Arista or equivalent
  • experiencing resolving issues with providers, from routing to hardware
  • in-depth understanding of networking and load-balancing
  • experience in designing datacenter infrastructure and purchasing requirements
  • experience in high bandwidth environments
  • systematic problem solving approach, coupled with a strong sense of ownership
  • plays well with others
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Senior Systems Administrator

As a Senior Systems Administrator, you will work on large-scale system design and troubleshooting. Your job is not only maintaining critical systems, but proactively improving the design, tuning, and scaling the infrastructure to stay ahead of the growth curve. In-depth understanding of Linux system internals, NetApps, and load-balancing are critical.

  • maintaining servers, load-balancers, and NetApps across a variety of locations
  • influence and create new designs, architectures, standards and methods for large-scale distributed systems
  • engage in service capacity planning, demand forecasting, software performance analysis, and system tuning
  • conduct periodic on call duties
  • experience working with Linux systems from kernel to shell and beyond
  • working knowledge of NetApps (CDOT)
  • understanding of networking and load-balancing
  • expertise in designing, analyzing and troubleshooting large-scale distributed systems
  • experience in high bandwidth HTTP traffic, content delivery and caching
  • systematic problem solving approach, coupled with a strong sense of ownership
  • experience in one or more of: C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby or Shell, Perl.
  • BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Security Engineer

Smule is looking for a security engineer to become the cornerstone of all security efforts internally and externally. This person will define and execute security at all levels of Engineering and Operations with a focus on our mobile applications. This person will be responsible to design the methods and work with Engineering and Operations staff to implement, test, and audit all security initiatives. If you are passionate about security and understand that security should not impede progress, this is the job for you. If you feel that security is not a hammer to wield but a base on which great products grow, this is the company for you.

  • Threat research and modeling
  • Code inspection and static/dynamic code testing
  • Complete time-sensitive design reviews within the normal product release schedules
  • Penetration testing and remediation
  • Design, implement, and enforce secure design principles and policies
  • Maintain and stay current as the security expert on all trends and vulnerabilities that face Engineering and Operations
  • Evaluates security vendors, processes, and concepts for inclusion
  • Ensure best practices for process and coding are shared across teams
  • Be able to convey security initiatives to all levels and all teams
  • Help drive architecture decisions
  • Able to assist with production issues and detect intrusion
  • 5+ years of Engineering and Operations security
  • Experience with application, networking, and system security
  • Exceptional coding skills with expert knowledge in one or more object-oriented languages, e.g Java, Objective-C, C++, C#
  • Experience with mobile application security on both iOS and Android
  • Experience with high-availibity and diverse networking and server installations across multiple datacenters
  • Experience with highly efficient server/client implementations
  • Experience with audio and video implementations is a bonus
  • Complete understanding of various tools and methods to evaluate security
  • Experience working on consumer facing product
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV


Senior Server Engineer

Our Smule Nation Platform supports millions of daily users, takes more than 2.2M recordings uploaded in any single day, handle more than 12Gbps peak traffic, and deals with peta bytes of data, with exponential growth. We're growing fast and are looking for server engineers to help us scale our platform to achieve its full potential connecting people around the world.

  • Build back-end services and infrastructure that enable Smule to scale the largest social graph for music on the internet.
  • Work closely with product teams to define feature specifications and deliver great user experiences built on top of back-end services.
  • Work closely with operations to build and scale back-end services. Work on performance, stability, capacity plan, expansion, and system upgrade.
  • Deploy releases for use by millions of people, be escalation contact for operations engineers, debug problem live.
  • Build report interfaces, data feeds, and internal admin features.
  • Passion for building the largest music social graph.
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent education experience.
  • 7+ years of server side coding in Java or Scala.
  • 2+ years in a tech lead role. Demonstrated technical leadership of driving projects successfully.
  • Hands-on experience with design, development, scaling, troubleshooting, and live support of server applications
  • Self-starter, strong sense of ownership, get's things done. Drives work to completion reliably, possibly with scary reliability.
  • Server side development experiences in smart phone applications (iOS, Android) and/or consumer electronics industries highly desired.
  • Experiences with large scale internet service architectures highly desired.
  • Experiences with Play! Framework. Acceptable with Spring, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogc, or WebSphere.
  • Experiences with Elasticsearch, Redis, Facebook Graph API are highly desired.
  • Strong knowledge of SQL and MySQL forged in the fires of high traffic, high availability web app environments.
  • Fun, positive attitude. Great communication skills and a healthy desire for collaboration.
These are good too:
  • Passion for something that Smule is about: music, games, social experiences, outstanding software, massive scale.
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV


Engineering Manager

Smule is looking for an engineering manager to oversee the iOS or Android platform. You are passionate about developing individuals,software organizations, and culture. The idea of bringing people together through making music resonates with you and you think you can form a strong partnership with product/design to help realize this vision. You're the kind of person who can build sustainable processes, but at the same time keep things moving quickly even under pressure whether unblocking people on technical challenges (sometimes requiring creative leaps), facilitating conversations, or even rolling up the sleeves to get things done in code, build/release, or wherever needed.

  • Oversee and develop team of iOS or Android developers
  • Manage development of multiple shipping products
  • Keep the team engaged, motivated, and focused on the product and company vision
  • Mentor and grow developers
  • Hire top talent
  • Ensure best practices for process and coding are shared across teams
  • Help drive architecture decisions
  • Ensure team is effectively responding to live/production issues
  • Oversee release process and tools to ensure consistent, predictable delivery of projects
  • Manage shared code base
  • Form strong partnerships with product, design, QA teams and other to ensure we are building the best possible products
  • Facilitate communication within team and between team and all stakeholders
  • At least 7 years of software development experience and 2+ years of managing a team
  • Exceptional coding skills with expert knowledge in one or more object-oriented languages, e.g Java, Objective-C, C++, C#
  • Experience working on client-to-server architecture
  • Experience working on mobile or similar client platform
  • Experience working on consumer facing product
  • Knowledge in at least one major UI framework
  • Experience analyzing and solving network performance and related problems
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Android Engineer

As an Android Engineer at Smule you'll be crafting our next generation, massively social, massively multiplayer musical creation experience. Smule's apps are top performers in the Google Play store and in the news - the apps you help create will be enjoyed by millions. Our development cycle is rapid, iterative, and collaborative.

Must have:
  • Bachelor degree in CS and 1+ years of Android development on multiple target devices, and 2+ years experience with Java
  • Self-starter, strong sense of ownership, gets things done.
  • Fun, positive attitude. Great communication skills and a healthy desire for collaboration.
These are good too:
  • A knack for creating compelling UIs.
  • Game development and design experience.
  • Flexible, cross functional, outstanding learner. Ready, willing, and able to jump into any conquer and challenge at this crazy startup.
  • Passion for what Smule is about: connecting people through music creation
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

iOS Engineer

As an iOS Engineer at Smule you'll be crafting our next generation, massively social, massively multiplayer musical creation experience. Smule's apps are top performers in the iTunes store and in the news--the apps you help create will be enjoyed by millions. Our development cycle is rapid, iterative, and collaborative. We use Objective-C and C++ combined with a powerful suite of in-house RESTful services.

Must have:
  • Bachelor degree in CS and 2+ years of iOS development in Objective-C
  • Self-starter, strong sense of ownership, gets things done.
  • Fun, positive attitude. Great communication skills and a healthy desire for collaboration.
These are good too:
  • A knack for creating compelling UIs.
  • Game development and design experience.
  • Flexible, cross functional, outstanding learner. Ready, willing, and able to jump into any conquer any challenge at this crazy startup.
  • Passion for what Smule is about: connecting people through music creation
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV


Video Engineer

Smule is looking for a video engineer! First and foremost, you will be helping to make our community of music makers look great. You should have a deep understanding and passion for all aspects of video encoding and playback. You'll deal with all parts of the pipeline from ingestion, to creative processing/compositing/music sync, to encoding, and to mobile and web delivery.

  • Build and maintain low latency, high performance, scalable video systems
  • Improve the reliability and efficiency of video infrastructure
  • Investigate new systems, techniques, and equipment -- especially encoding/transcoding, mobile video, live broadcast
  • Implement automated video processing including compositing, filtering, motion graphics, watermarking/titling
  • Debug video issues and make tradeoff decisions between quality and performance
  • Work closely with mobile + server development, ops, and product to best achieve all these goals
Desired Skills and Experience:
  • 3-5+ years industry experience
  • Solid understanding of multiple programming languages (e.g. C/C++, Python)
  • Experience in mobile (libstagefright, AVFramework)
  • Experience in graphics rendering (e.g. openGL, openGLES, EGL, libavcodec, etc.)
  • Knowledge of video and audio codecs (H.264, MPEG4, AAC, etc) and media streaming architectures (HTTP adaptive streaming, RTP/RTSP)
  • Experience in optimizing video and audio codecs/players and using transport formats such as HLS and HDS
  • Expert level knowledge of using FFmpeg as a tool
  • Knowledge of system-level programming for large and complex systems
  • Plus: Familiar with color management and color profiles for video
  • Plus: Experience in building backend platforms for massive scale of parallel video streams (media relays, video switching).
  • Plus: Knowledge of L2/L3 IP networking, multicast, and Unix/Linux administration
  • BA/BS Degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline, or equivalent practical experience
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Software Engineer - Audio/DSP Systems

Smule is looking for an audio engineer! First and foremost, you will be making the members of our community sound as stellar as possible whether they are singing, playing piano or guitar, or doing any other type of music making.

Your job is to build and maintain software that automates the role of a studio engineer by properly mixing, EQ, compressing, denoising, and otherwise applying FX to optimize the sound of our performers. We have millions of users across the globe with a diverse set of voices, so this job will keep you on your toes!

Day to day, you will be building, tuning, and supporting our audio pipeline and FX across multiple platforms (IOS, Android, Linux).

Desired Skills and Experience:
  • Educational background in Digital Audio Signal Processing
  • 2+ years of professional experience with at least one on a consumer facing product
  • Experience with real-time audio processing
  • Experienced in audio / music analysis and synthesis algorithms
  • Proficiency C/C++. Experience in at least one OO language is required
  • Ability to build/modify low-level studio/real-time FX code
  • Enough studio engineering chops to troubleshoot and fix issues like distortion, latency, etc.
  • Familiarity with ffmpeg, audio formats/encodings, one or more DAWs
  • IOS, Android, other mobile audio experience
  • Proficiency in Python, Objective-X, and Java
  • Knowledge of music theory
  • Experience with feature extraction (key, time signature, beat, etc), and re-synthesis (beat-matching, thumbnailing, time-stretching, etc.)
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV


Product Analyst

If you are passionate about social experiences, mobile apps, or music, and are intellectually curious to uncover stories beneath large amount of data, then this could be exactly the right thing for you! As the Product analyst at Smule, you will convert business and product questions into actionable insights to help drive business growth and directions.

  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with business stakeholders to deliver actionable insights and recommendations
  • Create and automate reports that drive the business
  • Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, and distinguish user requests from the underlying true needs
  • Successfully engage in multiple initiatives simultaneously
  • Design and analyze experiments
Must Have:
  • 2-year+ Experience in data analytics, ideally in social/mobile startups
  • Good understanding of how to interpret business metrics and customer data, and able to communicate effectively
  • Solid knowledge with Statistics, strong in SQL, Excel, and reporting tools
  • Self-starter, strong sense of ownership, gets things done
  • Fun, positive attitude. A team player
Bonus Skills:
  • Experience with Vertica, Tableau, MySQL, Hive, Spark
  • Programming skills with R, Python, Pig, Panda or similar
  • Degrees in fields like Statistics, Economics, Business, etc.
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Data Scientist

As a company focused on social music creation, Smule is in a position to leverage many types of interesting data, including social interactions and musical performance audio.

You'll be helping us improve our social music recommendations and other data-driven services. You should be able to use data to identify potentially beneficial changes, then implement and evaluate these changes.

You must be largely self-driven; we have a small data team, and as such you can make a large impact, but part of your responsibility is carving out your own niche.

You should be comfortable with software engineering, math, statistics, and machine learning, and be able to wear many "hats" and switch between them. This is not strictly an analyst role; you will be responsible for creating data products with direct visibility from users.

  • Masters/PhD degree in STEM field
  • 5+ years programming experience
  • 2+ years research experience
  • Background in statistics and machine learning
  • Familiarity with "big data" tools: Hadoop/Hive/Spark
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Interactive data exploration in Python/R
  • Creative thinking & problem solving skills
  • Good communication & writing; ability to eloquently form an argument backed up by data
  • Integrity and high standards
Bonus Skills:
  • Audio signal processing
  • Basic knowledge of "how music works"
  • Data visualization
  • Experience with Scala and/or Apache Spark
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Data Engineer

If you are passionate about data, not afraid of dealing with billions of rows, terabytes of data and find this sort of thing super fun, we need you! Come and join us!

  • Develop data expertise, be a data steward evangelist, and own data pipelines.
  • Architect, build, and deploy new data solutions that provide forward-thinking data opportunities.
  • Design and develop extremely efficient and reliable data pipelines to move massive amounts of data into the Data Warehouse and other data platforms.
  • Use expert coding skills in Python, shell and Java/Scala.
  • Own solutions end-to-end.
  • Develop and implement data auditing strategies and processes to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
  • Manage multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.
  • Assist in construction of enterprise data warehouse.
  • Unmistakable passion for solving difficult data problems.
  • Excellent communication skills including the ability to communicate data technologies and architectures.
  • Advanced / expert SQL skills and solid python and shell scripting.
  • 2+ years of Data Warehouse, ETL Design and Implementation.
  • Some RDBMS knowledge OLTP and/or analytic columnar RDBMS including data modeling concepts (3NF vs Dimensional modeling).
  • Experience working with an MPP system or Map Reduce.
  • 2+ years of Java or other OO development experience, with source code control and build/release process.
These are good too:
  • Machine learning and recommendation systems
  • Experience with Vertica, Tableau, MySQL, Hive, Spark
  • Bio, medical or social field experiences
  • Passion for something that Smule is about: music, games, social experiences, outstanding software
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Data Quality Analyst

At Smule we rely on data to make decisions on everything from annual budgets to the which personalized items will appear in your Smule apps newsfeed to whether we will integrate a 3rd party SDK that may slow down our app launch time.

We process over one billon analytics event a day from mobile devices through internal data pipelines in addition to loading data from multiple external sources. The accuracy of that data is critical to Smule.

This role is all about making sure that data as accurate as possible and the successful applicant will have an endless curiosity for data and SQL.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Work with analysts, product managers, server and client engineers to define and document the instrumentation of events and the properties of those events.
  • Ensure consistency in event instrumentation across multiple apps on Android and iOS.
  • Maintain our data dictionary.
  • Test the data flow through pipelines from mobile clients and application servers to analytics databases and hadoop.
  • Validate and verify our analytic data.
  • Successfully complete projects using SQL and scripting that confirm the accuracy of our data or where there are errors.
  • Create tables, load data, and create scripts to support data quality efforts.
Skills and Abilities:
  • Strong SQL skills including data manipulation, data conversion, query generation, import and export processes.
  • Experience working with large databases.
  • Proficient in Python and/or shell scripting in a Linux environment.
  • Ability to do detail oriented work.
  • Ability to do root cause analysis of data issues.
  • Familiarity with data pipelines and ETL.
  • Experience with JIRA and Agile methodology.
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Lead/Senior Marketing Analyst

As the world leading Mobile music creation app, Smule's vision is to connect the world through music.

The mission of Analytics and Decision Science is to optimize the Smule eco-system of Content and user, and drive actionable insights through advanced analytics.

  • Thought leadership and quantitative analysis to inform, influence, support, and execute decisions for Product, Marketing and Growth. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • The Lead/Senior Analyst is expected to be an active participant on the business, consistently engaged and contributing ideas and insights that will benefit Marketing.
  • Drives reporting, analysis and insights to reach client business objectives.
  • Observes, evaluates trends of digital campaigns and provides recommendations for optimizing.
  • Designs and evaluates Marketing tests.
  • 3+ years experience doing quantitative analysis for consumer related Marketing functions.
  • BA/BS in quantitative fields like Statistics, Math, Engineering, Economics or other technical field.
  • Strong experience with SQL, data visualization, and statistical knowledge.
  • Strong critical thinking.
  • Ability to share/present complex results of analysis in a clear and compelling manner that inspires action.
  • Ability to initiate and lead projects to completion.
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV

Product & Design

Senior Product Manager, Infrastructure

Smule is looking for a seasoned product manager to drive the company’s infrastructure product initiatives. Smule organizes its product, design and engineering teams into pods. The successful candidate will work closely with the Mary Yang, VP of Product, and Alex Li, CTO, to define product infrastructure strategy, prioritize initiatives, implement scalable procedures and execute product deliverables on time. They will work closely with other members of the executive and functional teams and execute company-wide initiatives involving product team resources.

  • Work closely with Engineering and Operations teams to prioritize product infrastructure needs and translate into an executable product roadmap; continuously revisit and revise roadmap to support changing business needs and product priorities
  • Collaborate with other product managers to define, coordinate and execute across various product infrastructure initiatives
  • Communicate and coordinate with key stakeholders to ensure that product infrastructure initiatives are understood, support broader Smule business objectives and receive the appropriate resources from other teams to execute successfully
  • Ensure product infrastructure initiatives have proper sponsorship across the company, are properly resourced by engineering and other teams and are acknowledged as strategic to Smule’s long-term success
Specific Initiatives:
  • Search – Improve Smule’s search infrastructure
  • Network Quality – Work with engineering and operations teams to optimize and speed up network response times for users globally
  • Audio / Video Quality – Work with Smule’s audio/video research team to optimizes users’ audio and video experience on the platform
  • Customer Identify / Registration – Identify opportunities and execute product initiatives to improve the Smule user registration experience; upgrade Smule’s customer identity management systems and protocols
  • Security – Research and identify vulnerabilities to spammers and hackers in Smule’s platform and execute a plan to eliminate the security risks; ensure Smule’s security procedures and standards are state-of-the-art
  • 5+ years of experience building scalable and reliable product infrastructure that supports company business growth, minimizes risk and sustains a great experience for users
  • Previous technical experience required either as a developer or undergraduate technical degree.
  • Proven track record of working collaboratively across the company to understand business objectives, user experience needs, financial considerations, operational challenges and other inputs to define product infrastructure priorities and execute them over a sustained period of time (e.g., greater than two years)
  • Proven ability to lead cross functionally and influence stakeholders in design, engineering and operations.
  • Strong quantitative orientation; uses data and metrics to make sound product decisions; experience defining and directing product initiatives based upon quantitative info and qualitative feedback.
  • Possesses a ‘user first’ attitude, demonstrate passionate commitment for the customer and product quality.
  • Excellent oral and written communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to work effectively with business and technical people.
  • Experience building infrastructure for social networks or mobile applications highly desired.
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Resume/CV
  • A product that you’ve worked on and how you’ve impacted its success

Product Designer

Smule's mission is to connect people all over the world through the joy of making music, at a massive social scale. We are looking for Product Designers who are passionate about creating a holistic product experience for the user, beyond just an app, who intuitively understands that product design is finding the elegant sum of the parts and who relishes in every aspect of the product development process, from brainstorming the next great product innovation to tweaking pixels right before launch. As a Product Designer, you will partner with the product manager strategizing on the product plan, lead communication of new ideas and visions clearly and efficiently, then execute the design with the development team.

What you'll be responsible for:
  • Develop broad concepts into elegant, intuitive flows and experiences that deliver measurable results
  • Create production quality designs that can be implemented
  • Contribute to high-level strategic decisions within the product design team
  • Drive the product plan with product managers and engineers
  • Champion and oversee the user experience of a product area from conception to launch (and then some) and iterate continuously
Stuff you bring:
  • Strong experience in design or a similar field for mobile, multitouch devices
  • Comfortable creating at the whiteboard, but then be able to jump in and use whatever tools are necessary to create complete flows for mobile and web projects
  • A scrappy, entrepreneurial attitude that gets things done quickly at a high quality
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (you should be able to clearly articulate your design decisions)
  • Give and solicit open and honest feedback in order to continually raise our bar for quality
  • Pixel perfect attention to detail
  • Know the tools you use, from Adobe to Flash to whatever, you know it like the back of your hand
  • Will do whatever it takes to "make things awesome", even if it means building 10 versions and throwing them all out for the 11th version
We'd also love it if you:
  • Have a passion for the musical/auditory arts, even if you might be tone deaf, rhythmically challenged and suck at Rock Band.
  • Are not afraid to wear different hats on an interdisciplinary team.
  • Like to prototype sh*t and have built or designed something because the existing product wasn't there, or because you just wanted to learn how to do it.
To apply, please send the following to:
  • Your portfolio featuring examples of interaction and visual design work
  • Resume/CV

For consideration, send resume to:
In the subject line please put the position to which you are applying and your name.
Smule is a trademark of Smule, Inc. Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Computer. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and App Store are trademarks of Apple Computer.

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