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Listen to the Ocarina Smule World Globe
Play fun duets with Magic Fiddle by Smule.
Play fun duets with Magic Fiddle by Smule.
Play fun duets with Magic Fiddle by Smule.
Ocarina by Smule lets you create incredible music and share it with the world.
Ocarina music app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

One of Apple's All-Time Top 20 Apps

“One of the most magical programs I’ve ever seen for the iPhone, and probably for any computer- David Pogue

“Editor's Choice: This may be the best 99 cents you'll spend in your life” -

“One of the most original entertainment programs to emerge from the App Store” - Wall Street Journal

“If everyone had the ocarina app there would be no more wars.” - David Pogue

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Make music with Magic Piano for iPhone and iPod Touch by Smule

"Smule's Magic Piano app kept me entranced for an embarrassing amount of time" - New York Times

It's So Easy To Play!
  • Blow into your microphone
  • Hold down combinations of holes to change pitch
  • Tilt your phone to change vibrato rate and depth
  • Change keys and modes like C-Major and the new Zeldarian mode
  • Or simply press the holes to make music in touch mode
Free Songs for the Holidays!
Just in time for the Holidays, we're happy to offer a token of our appreciation: the Smule Holiday Songbook, a collection of holiday melodies bundled with helpful lessons. It wouldn't be a gift if it wasn't free so... it is!
Share Your Music With the World

Listen to musicians learning to play around the world:

  • Listen in on Ocarina players all over the world just by tapping the globe icon
  • Rate your favorite performances
  • Name your Ocarina so others can listen to you play
  • Share your favorite performances with family and friends via e-mail
  • Record and archive your favorite performances on your own “My Ocarina” web page
So Many Songs!

With over 2000 user-generated songs in the Smule Songbook, you've got more songs to learn than you can shake an Ocarina at. Just follow the song fingering charts - put your fingers where the dots are - and blow away to your hearts content.

Start with these classic melodies:

Amazing GraceThe Song of TimeJoy To The WorldTwinkle Twinkle Little StarAll CreaturesPlaymateKumbayaShaker Melody

Feeling artistic? Use the Ocarina Composer to write your own songs and share them with friends.