Smule’s co-founder and CEO, Jeffrey Smith, compares the difference between earlier iPhone models and the ones with 3D Touch to a technological leap in music technology ... “That’s basically what we had on the Magic Piano, and that’s all we had: Expression through controlled time … Now we’re able to allow this second dimension of creative expression.”


American developer Smule is at the forefront of the drive to get more people sharing the music-making process with one another. This is its app for home-karaoke singers ... The second Smule app in this roundup, Magic Piano wants you to play along with a range of pop and classical songs on a virtual piano ...


Sing! Karaoke app on Apple TV ... It's silly, simple, rewarding fun — so much so that I got distracted singing pop songs while writing this column. The app is free, as is the catalog of tens of thousands of songs.


Apple’s data is rich enough that Magic Piano can measure the force from multiple fingers in real time, so you can pick out a single note in a chord to play a little more strongly (that’s called “voicing”).


Thanks to an app called Sing! Karaoke, Bleasby was able to collaborate with the singer using a recording that she previously uploaded. Because it was bomb, Bleasby was invited to appear on an episode of Ellen … Just as he started to sing, Ellen interrupted him for whatever reason – oh, that's right –TO BRING OUT JESSIE J!


How hard you hold your finger down to a virtual piano key affects the volume of the note, soon affecting the general sound of the piece.


A more satisfying experience was Smule’s Magic Piano, where a gentle tap produces a quieter note, while a forceful press makes it louder.


Bryan has been seen supporting his latest album, Kill The Lights, in a number of ways, and now he’s appearing on Sing!, an app where fans can see what they would sound like singing with their favorite artists. Apparently the “Kick The Dust Up” singer was curious how he’d do with Derulo.


Bryan is the first country artist ... to record sessions for the [Smule Sing!] app. Bryan taped "Kick the Dust Up" earlier this month, and as of Monday night, app users have performed the song more than 30,000 times.


… country star Luke Bryan and R&B crooner Jason Derulo going head-to-head in a wildly entertaining karaoke sesh. The unlikely duo paired up to promote Sing!, a karaoke app created by Smule


Sing! is a virtual karaoke platform, which sounds simple enough: users sing alone or together to perform songs from the app’s catalogue, capturing the performance on video. … A melted rack of Mac Minis at Smule headquarters provides testimony that this not a trivial amount of work.


For one [partner artist], their track had been played 283,000 times on Spotify while performances by Smule users had been played 241,000 times. “It’s about having a new way for artists to engage with their fans, with the whole premise of the business being for you to be able to join and collaborate and make music,” says Yang…


Smule … is one of the quiet success stories of the digital music world. The company’s collection of music apps – Sing! Karaoke, Magic Piano, AutoRap, Guitar! and Ocarina – now have more than 25 million monthly active users singing, playing and rapping some 10m songs a day.


Analyzing each singer’s individual audio and the dynamics of the underlying song, the app highlights different performances and weaves them together into a unified, group music video.


With Group Video, the groups don’t even have to be together. Group Video brings together multiple singers from around the world, “automagically” combining their performances into a group music video in real time.