Sonic Mule (better known as Smule) – yes you have heard of it. It’s that lighter on an iPhone thing. Take the time to look a little deeper, it’s not what you think. Smule is more than just the really cute little app. Much more.


Now the Sonic Lighter iPhone app brings the sacredness of group flame to iPhone users everywhere. Not only can you create fire of your own, but Sonic Lighter allows you to simultaneously light iPhones around you.


Here's why people are going crazy for Sonic Lighter, and are willing to pay $.99. Smule has built in social and viral features that are helping this spread like mad, and they also give this ridiculous but effective incentive to use the app all the time.


You can actually blow on the flame through the iPhone's microphone and have it move around or even blow it out, just as you might with a lit match. You can also manipulate the flame with your finger — and not get burned.


Out of the horde of iPhone applications that fall into the "useless" category, the Sonic Lighter app released Tuesday actually looks pretty cool.


Smule's site even hosts an World Wide Ignition Map that traces recently lit Smule flames around the globe (the East Coast and parts of Europe appear to be pretty heated up over the Sonic Lighter at the moment).


For $.99 cents I will use this amazing app to deliberately blow people's minds while blowing on my iPhone.


But hold on, what’s that, up there? In the Arctic Ocean, hundreds of miles north of the Chukchi Sea, itself north of where Alaska and Russia kiss? It’s a single, solitary Sonic Lighter ignition.


I'm really hoping to see more of these amusements type apps that are low cost, entertaining, and less complex than, say, Spore or other full blown simulation type apps or games.


Smule even has a nifty World Wide Ignition Map that traces recently lit flames around the globe.


The Smule has got to be one of the most interesting iPhone applications, but interesting does not mean useful.


Though, for only 99 cents, I can definitely say it’s worth it for a quick entertainment fix…especially if you can get some other friends to buy it. Then you can all sit around, light each other's flames and sit in a dark room listening to Free Bird. Or not.