Lyrics: It's All Over

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Effie, Curtis was supposed to...
Love me!
Curtis was supposed to love me.
There you are, Effie, I've been lookin' all over.
I turn my back, and find myself out on the line.
You could have warned me, but that would have been too kind.
I've been warning you for months to clean up your act.
You've been late, you've been mean, givin' all kinds of flack.
That's a lie!
That's a lie.
It's just I haven't been feeling that well.
Effie, please.
Stop excusin' yourself.
You've been late, you've been mean, and gettin' fatter all the time.
Now you're lyin', you're lyin', I've never been so thin.
You're lyin', you're lyin', 'cause you're knockin' off that piece who thinks she's better than everybody.
She ain't better than anybody.
She ain't nothin' but common.
Now, who you callin' common, you're self indulgent, self absorbed and un professional.
I'm callin' you...
I'm callin' you the common piece he's knockin' off.
Now you listen to me, miss blame it on the world.
See, I've put up with you for much too long.
I have put up with your b****ing.
I've put up with your nagging, and all your screamin' too.
Oh, now when are you two gonna stop all this fighting?
Stay out of this, Lorrell, this is between Deena and me.
Well, it's between me, too.
I'm as much a part of this group as anybody else.
And I'm tired, Effie, I'm tired of all the problems you're makin' us.
I always knew you two were together.
I always knew you two were gangin' up on me.
She had nothing to do with this change, it was you.
It was you, always thinkin' of you.
Always thinkin' of you!
I knew you were trouble from the start.
You were real bad trouble from the start.
Curtis, I'm your woman!
But you're getting out now, I'm not building this group to have you tear it apart.
Go ahead and rant and scream and shout!
Don't worry baby, I'll buy you out.
There's no money dirty enough to buy me out.
You remember that, Curtis.
Lay off Effie, just take the money and run.
You in this with them, C.C.?
Cool it, Effie.
This time you know what you've done!
So they got your black a** too, huh?
I said cool it, Effie.
This time you've gone too far.
Oh I can go further, I can go further!
I don't want to stay around this.
I'm just breakin' into this business.
This is between all of you.
This is none of my affair.
Yeah, well it's between you too, now little sister.
This snow job is as much your sin.
Look at me.
Look at me.
How much did you put out to get in?
Now you watch your mouth, watch your mouth, miss Effie White.
'Cause I don't take that tone from no second rate Diva who can't sustain.
I'm not feelin' well, I got pain.
Effie, we all got pain.
Oh, for seven years I sung with you, I was your sister.
You were trouble.
And now you're tellin' me it's all over.
And now we're tellin' you it's all over!
And now I'm tellin' you I ain't goin'.
It's all over.
I ain't goin'.
It's all over.

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