Lyrics: We Owned The Night
Lady Antebellum

88% (170)

Tell me have you ever wanted someone so much it hurts?
Your lips keep tryin' to speak
but you just can't find the words.
Well I had this dream once, I held it in my head.
She was the purest beauty,
but not the common kind.
She had a way about her
that made you feel alive!
And for a moment we made the world stand still...
Yeah, we owned the night.
You had me dim the lights,
you danced just like a child.
The wine spilled on your dress
and all you did was smile.
Yeah, it was perfect,
I hold it in my mind.
Yeah, we owned the night.
When the summer rolls around
and the sun starts sinkin' down,
I still remember you.
Oh, I remember you,
and I wonder where you are.
Are you lookin' at those same stars again?
Do you remember when...
we woke under a blanket,
all tangled up in skin,
not knowing in that moment,
we'd never speak again.
But it was perfect,
I never will forget
when we owned the night.
Yeah, we owned the night!
Oh, oh, woah, oh, oh!
Oh, oh, woah, oh, oh!
Oh, oh, woah, oh, oh!
Oh, oh, woah, oh, oh!!!

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