Don't Get Me Wrong


Don't get me wrong
if I'm looking kind of dazzled.
I see neon lights
whenever you walk by.
Don't get me wrong
if you say hello and I take a ride
upon a sea where a mystic moon
is playing havoc with the tide.
Don't get me wrong.
Don't get me wrong
if I'm acting so distracted.
I'm thinkin' about the fireworks
that go off when you smile.
Don't get me wrong
if I split like light refracted.
I'm only off to wander
across a moonlit mile.
Once in a while
two people meet,
seemingly for no reason,
they just pass in the street.
Suddenly thunder showers everywhere.
Oh, who can explain the thunder and rain?
But there's something in the aaaaaaiiirrr!
Don't get me wrong
if I come and go like fashion.
I might be great tomorrow
but hopeless yesterday.
Don't get me wrong
if I fall in the mode of passion.
It might be unbelievable
but let's not say so long.
It might just be fantastic,
don't get me wrong!

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