Lyrics: Home, ft. L. Scott & D. Stringer
Voice of Life

50% (50)

Come dwell in a
musical experience of
the saying 'home is
where the heart is.'
Our song starts with
the word 'Home'
on a single
sustained note.
This is the Home Tone.
You can sing
or hum along
on the note with
the word 'Home.'
You can sing
the Home Tone
at any point
you feel in the
entire song.
When you're ready,
you can sing the
"Home, I am home."
Try going back
and forth between
the Home Tone
and the melody.
"Home, I am home."
Your only limit
is your own
"Home, I am home."
You can improvise
and ad lib. as much
or as little as
you feel.
"Home, I am home."
You can sing
along with the
lead vocal...
"Home, I am home."
...or sing in
the spaces.
"Home, I am home."
Everyone's voice is
welcome and
wanted here.
"Home, I am home."
This song uses
a 'call and
response' format.
"Home, I am home."
"Home, I am home."
Enjoy the groove
of the song.
It moves with
just enough energy
to carry you
as you go
deeper into the
feeling of being
of having a safe
place to let go
of whatever's on
your mind.
In many cultures,
'call and response'
is a pervasive
pattern of
You might even
call the phrase
a 'mantra' if that
feels good to you.
Whatever you call it,
it affirms that we all
need a respite from
the stress of our
hustle and bustle
"Home, I am home."
A billion people
singing together:
"Home, I am home."
What would that
sound like?
"Home, I am home."
"Home, I am home."
"Home, I am home."
"Home, I am home."
It is so healing
to let go of stress.
When we're stressed,
our bodies produce
chemicals that, in
large doses, can
impair our
immune systems.
When we're calm, our
nervous systems help
us recover from
stress, and elevate
our wellness.
"Home, I am home."
For some,
it's an anthem of
"Home I am home."
...for others,
it's a cry to release
and express.
"Home, I am home."
"Home, I am home."
"Home, I am home."
"Home, I am home."
Your musical
meditation has
just begun...
Now try it on
your own, without
the instructions...
just feel as one
with the song.
Come back anytime
when you're
feeling stressed,
and let the
music take you

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