Lyrics: One in the One, ft. Gina Sala
Voice of Life

66% (18)

One in the one.

I need love to fill the void,
in the abyss I feel destroyed.

Take a good look at the world around,
fears and then tears are what abounds.

I run and I run to make ends meet,
I flee from the place of near defeat.

Every day, no time to lose,
making sure each second gets good use.

The door is open,

all one in the one.
I'm never broken,

all one in the one.
I am evolving,

all one in the one
until the end.
Everyone, the one, the one.

Thoughts in my head keep spinning around,
they fill up my world with noisy sounds.

I live out my life in sepia tone,
make like my heart is made of stone.

Working to stay on solid ground,
looking to find my way around.

I live with an ache deep in my soul,
please send a soul doctor to console.

To stay connected...

All one in the one
is the objective.

All one in the one
until the future...

All one in the one
becomes the past.
One in the one, all one in the one.

Packing regrets up in a case,
letting the history be erased.

Drawing a map of where to go,
wanting to live life in the flow.

One in the one...

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