Lyrics: Sea of Change
Voice of Life

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Ride the sea of change.
No one to blame.

Take it as it comes,
always the sun.

Making my own rules,
looking for clues.

Love's a naked flame.
Don't let it wane.

Life never absolute,
shades of gray mark the way.

Change isn't what it seems,
never was, but that's okay.

It's what I came here for,
fighting no more.

Keeping things on track,
no turning back.

When it's all in line,
it's close to fine.

Surfing through the change,
it sure feels strange.

Looking for where to go,
leap of faith taking shape.

It can end perfectly,
in my mind, in my dreams.

I am a refugee.
From the past, I am free.

Move along steadily.
Turn the tide, hold the line.

Ride the sea of change.

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