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05/23/2011 09:20 AM

the root is too low but other then that awesome

07/04/2011 04:32 PM

i like it =w=

11/23/2011 08:14 AM

c# best

12/31/2011 12:43 PM

F Zeldarian sounds pretty close to when you play it in the games

12/31/2011 01:06 PM

Or maybe F# I can't figure out which

12/31/2011 01:12 PM

Notes same on original and this, just lines and arrows added; I'll stop commenting now

01/03/2012 04:03 PM

Lydian, not Zeldarian

01/03/2012 04:05 PM

scratch that

01/30/2012 07:00 PM

This song is one of the easiest songs that I learned how to play :)

07/13/2013 07:18 PM

Just like in my songbook at home perfect