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Jingle Bells


11/22/2008 09:51 PM

nicely done

11/29/2008 03:46 PM

Jingle Bells (full version)

C Ionian

08-89-86-88-08--> 08-08-08-89-86-88-96--> 96-80-89-86-98--> 66-66-80-86-89--> 08-89-86-88-08--> 08-08-08-89-86-88-96--> 96-80-89-86-66-66-66--> 66-60-66-80-86-88-


89-89-89--> 89-89-89--> 89-66-88-86-89--> 80-80-80-80-80-89-89-89-89-89-86-86-89-86-66--> 89-89-89--> 89-89-89--> 89-66-88-86-89--> 80-80-80-80-80-89-89-89-89-66-66-80-86-88-->

For almost all of the Christmast Carols in one collection - one entry - easy to copy and paste into a word processor and make a large nearly comprehensive collection of carols ...

Over 75 Christmas Carols in shorthand, alphabetized, updated

Converted into numeric "visually mneumonic" shorthand that is instantly learned --

The only number digits used are 6, 9, 8, and 0.

"6" means the lower hole is closed (note that the little loop of the 6 is on the bottom)

"9" means the upper hole is closed (note that the little loop of the 9 is on the top)

"8" means both upper and lower holes are closed (note that the little loops of the 8 are at the top and bottom)

"0" means neither the upper or lower holes are closed (note that 0 has no little loops)

( so you can see the mneumonic aspect - visually it is just like the four circles in the square that is classically used)- So the numbers can be printed by computer or written by hand... so "88" is all the holes closed.. 99, both upper closed, 66 both lower closed, 00 none closed, and 86, 68, 89, and 98 follow suit... (the "6890" or Pundiak system)

have fun,

TerryPun, Easton, PA

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