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about 9 years ago
by eag_001

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Easy classic...


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11/10/2008 04:21 PM

not all 9's to 10's but yea, i know what u mean...thanks

11/24/2008 08:31 PM

I think both versions are right. The full version of this song (with words) is very repetitive, so I think that quite often the music is arranged with variations in order to add some interest to the music itself.

11/25/2008 09:57 AM

Short-hand sheet music system for ocarina...

Don't know if anyone has ever done this before, but it is a very easy way to put "sheet music" in a small space and it allows more information to be presented for better rhythm description... and it is very easy to learn.

The system ( Pundiak System, if you like):

It is a visual mneumonic system...

Each note is represented by two numeric digits that represent which holes are closed.

The only number digits used are 6, 9, 8, and 0.

"6" means the lower hole is closed

"9" means the upper hole is closed

"8" means both upper and lower holes are closed

"0" means neither the upper or lower holes are closed

( so you can see the mneumonic aspect - visually it is just like the four circles in the square that is classically used)

using two digits - the left digit for the left holes and the right digit for the right holes...

so all four holes closed would be "88"

all four holes open would be "00"

"66" means all lower holes closed

"99" means all upper holes closed

"86" left holes closed and lower right closed

"89" left holes closes and upper right closed

"68" "98" "69" and "96" follow the same convention

We Wish You a Merry Christmas




88-60-60-06-60 66-80-86





have fun,


and if you want over 75 carols in one collection, check this alphabetized post :

11/25/2008 11:13 AM

terrypun, the nerd in me is soooo loving your post. Cool!!!

11/25/2008 09:03 PM

Yeah terrypun, that Pundiak System is very clever!

11/26/2008 05:08 AM

Pundiak System...


Did you just come up with this, or are you inspired by someone else. I did not get it in the first read trough but "visually it is just like the four circles" was the hint I needed. Never have I seen such an example of using ascii notation for something like a grid of four...

It is indeed "a visual pneumonic system"....


11/26/2008 07:46 AM

your Pundiak system is brilliant!! The visual aspect is key.


11/26/2008 09:39 AM

Driving in my car, yesterday ... just thought up a simple system...

What a nifty instrument this is, isn't it.... gonna have a lot of fun this holiday season!!!

have fun,


11/30/2008 05:13 PM

Just came up with it while fumbling with the dozens of pages cute blue four hole domino system... I wanted some way that could be written easily with a pen, and this system just popped into my head while I was waiting at a stop light... all the benefits to use just 4 digits in pairs instantly became clear. I am so happy to have all the Carols on 4 or 5 sheets of paper (both sides).

Just thought of another use... pencil in the note numbers over the music scores or over the lyrics.

All sorts of embellishments are possible now... adding parenthesis for repeated segments... and text or symbols for special comments like for jumping forward to a Coda. Rhythm notations can be added ... ....

have fun,


01/03/2011 01:46 PM

I edited TerryPun's version of the song a bit, just removed the repeated 9 and 11 at the end, which sounded kinda weird to me. and extended two of the notes.
BTW: I love your Pundiak system, TerryPun! Its so easy to read and takes up a lot less space than the standard picture tabs.