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about 9 years ago
by LoneWolf41390

Alladin: A Whole New World (Incomplete

First of all I'd like to say: Great Job! :D

This song brings back memories of watching that movie until the cassette malfunctioned lol. You did an awesome job of setting up the notes, but I do agree with Northstar when it comes to the higher octave. It's my own personal preference though. But still, great stuff! Thank you!

I loved playing this so much that I made an attempt to add some of the other lines of the song. But sadly, I couldn't finish it :( I'm not sure if it's the fact that the next note I need is not obtainable on the same root or what.. But if you or anyone finds a way to finish it or possibly make your own to complete it further, I would greatly apprecriate it, as I love this part lol.

Well here it is: )


  • B 8va


  • Ionian