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about 9 years ago
by NoCaution

Pure Imagination

OK - I too, have always loved this song, so I tried to make a somewhat more complete version.

I didn't have a copy of the song to work off of, so I did it from memory. The end seems a tiny bit shaky to me, so it could either be bad memory or just be a key modulation issue. I was thinking of the part when they enter the chocolate room for the first time where the lyrics are:

Come with me

And you'll be

In a world of

Pure imagination

Take a look

And you'll see

Into your imagination

We'll begin

With a spin

Traveling in

The world of my creation

What we'll see

Will defy


If you want to view paradise

Simply look around and view it

Anything you want to, do it

Want to change the world?

There's nothing to it

After that, it basically just repeats, save for a few vamps here and there.

Anyways, tell me what you think, and/or feel free to make adjustments where necessary:



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