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almost 9 years ago
by Piper

Reflection -- Mulan

Hi. I was lucky enough to come across the sheet music for this. Can't do it in C. Actually, you can't do it perfectly in any root key on our Ocarinas. But, by using the root pitch of E, instead of lowering the pitch on the second part and ending, I only had to mess with the pitch a tiny bit in the beginning. And, really, who doesn't. I mean, Christina Aguilera did, so why can't we? It's that "bride" in "perfect bride" and "er" in "daughter" that go way down to low C. Then, later you've got to go up to that high E in "reflecTION." None of our available scales have that range. So, I looked at all the ionian scales and E seemed to fit the most notes -- goes down to a low D and up to that E. To sum it up, I gave the bride a D.

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