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over 8 years ago
by ItalianDude13

Concerning Hobbits - Lord of the Rings

Sorry if this already exists, but I have created a Concerning Hobbits Score from Lord of the Rings. It's my first score, so I'm sorry if it sounds off to you, I'm kind of new at this actually =P

Anyway, enjoy!

iPhone users:

And for people who have iPod Touch:


11/02/2009 11:42 AM

uh, actually, though i am not sure, i think that it is called may it be

11/26/2010 01:30 PM

No, it's Concerning Hobbits. Hobbits. Hobbits hobbits hobbits... what a fun word to say.

01/01/2012 05:08 PM


01/01/2012 05:08 PM


03/11/2012 10:42 PM

uh ya.... may it be is completely different. i liked this! good job!

06/13/2013 01:33 PM

Haha Morrowind very true. This helps a bunch!!