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almost 8 years ago

Requiem of Spirit (Get Requiem of Spirit)

This is Requiem of Spirit from The Legend of Zelda OoT.

I put in a middle part so it sounds more like "Get Requiem of Spirit" rather than just the ocarina version.

Hope you like :)

almost 8 years ago

Drunken Master - 8 Drunken Gods

Drunken Master's 8 drunken gods theme composed by koopaatroopa

One of the best and funniest kung fu movies out there. I highly recommend watching it on youtube (look up part 1) and also listening to this song.

Original song: Drunken Master OST 3

It's not perfect, like most adaptations but i think it will do :) the ending you're supposed to play into the epic part of the song. (you'll understand if you listen to the youtube link above)

Good luck playing :D P.S. It's played in G# / Zeldarian

almost 8 years ago

To-Fu: The Trials of CHI

This is the title theme to an iPod game called "To-Fu The Trials of Chi". I thought the song was fun so I'm posting it here.

Launch Trailer:

You can kind of here the song in the trailer.

Sorry I can't find a full version of this song anywhere just yet. if i do find one ill be sure to link it here. if it is really important you can just buy the app, i would highly recommend it as a game.