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over 7 years ago
by TobyRox

Zelda Great Fairy Fountain

Also known as the Mario Bros 3 world 3 overworld theme.
I think idk.
Tell me if it needs improving but it sounds spot on to me.
The only problem is I can't play the note in the 2nd row, the blank box.
Nothing seems to work >:/
Well, enjoy anyways.
Hope you guys like it!

over 7 years ago
by TobyRox

You Belong With Me (Half)

Working project, will finish when Smule will update the ocarina to six holes this year.
Actually I can finish it with just the 16 notes but I'll do that later =P
The part in the middle part between this dotted lines is the chorus and you HAVE to switch the root key to B because it doesn't work in D#/Eb
Enjoy, its not perfect because I just replayed it and I'm off in some parts, I'm only human!
And I did it by ear =P

about 5 years ago
by TobyRox

Sakura's Theme (Street Fighter)

One of the best themes from the Street Fighter franchise. The website is not functioning properly but the root key of the song I used was F# Zeldarian. Only composed about a minute of the song due to the change in key later in the song. Enjoy!


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