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almost 7 years ago
by OnlyHumannC

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - "Elegy of Emptiness"

The first four lines of this score are played in D# (8va); and the last line is played in C# (8va).

Interpreted off of:

(I do not own this song. All credit goes to the developers, writers, and composers associated with the Legend of Zelda video game series by Nintendo.)

about 9 years ago
by bishoprook

Saria's Song

I also made a score to this one... Sort of. Check it out .

It's not EXACTLY correct, though. If you listen to the full song, the second half of it is a clarinet/ocarina duet, and they both play slightly different parts, with the clarinet occasionally solo. And in either case, in order to play the clarinet part correctly, you need to be able to play the entire C major scale from low C to high F, while to play the ocarina part correctly, you need to be able to play it from low D to high G. In either case, that doesn't seem to be possible with ANY combination of mode and root. :?

So anyway, the se ... (more)