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over 7 years ago
by jasonbbk

Zelda : Hyrule Field Theme - Twilight Princess

I came across this short theme while messing around on the app which by the way is a WONDERFUL app as you all must already know.

I believe this is in the same key as the original sountrack if you would like to play along.



over 7 years ago
by adelitapm

Hyrule Castle Mezzanine

This is my try for Hyrule Castle Mezzanine from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess...

You can try it with different roots, depend on which you prefer. I thought G was the best, but whatever suits you ;)

Hope you like it :)

almost 10 years ago
by Nacko91

Eponas song (C Zeldarian

Great job man! I just love these Zelda tunes :D here is my version of eponas song or more likely the complete tune of what malon sings )&touch= . Here is a link of how to play it (to get the rithms right )&touch= , although i transposed it a whole tone down XD ) and of course tune your ocarina right ^^ hope you like it

almost 7 years ago
by Nicklockaflocka

Hyrule Castle theme/ Ganondorf Final Boss intro theme

A very simple version blank squares mean previous is a long note. arrow means repeat

about 6 years ago
by MiklePMC

hyrule castle (TP)

this is what ive discovered from using this app, i randomly played the theme from hyrule castle by using these keys, but i cannot Finish the song becasue i cannot find the next key