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over 8 years ago
by ItalianDude13

Concerning Hobbits - Lord of the Rings

Sorry if this already exists, but I have created a Concerning Hobbits Score from Lord of the Rings. It's my first score, so I'm sorry if it sounds off to you, I'm kind of new at this actually =P

Anyway, enjoy!

iPhone users:

And for people who have iPod Touch:

over 6 years ago
by warrior5924

One Winged Angel

The final boss and Sephiroth theme song from Final Fantasy VII. Too good to be true? This is my first attempt at transcribing any song into Ocarina format. Enjoy! Note: It begins at the start of the choir.

about 9 years ago
by Rgsrto

Lord of the Rings

My first composition.

Thanks. Maybe someone can make it compatible with the other pieces.