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over 8 years ago
by vfontex

Gladous - Still Alive (Portal Theme) Full with Rythm

Song from the Valve game Portal, by Gladous and cake =)

about 8 years ago
by stanleyopar2000

(Portal 2 Ending Theme) *SPOILER ALERT* Want You Gone"

it's the ending to portal 2...don't read the lyrics until you have played (if you have plans to play) the game as it ruins the game.

There were some parts I had to improvise...feel free to improve upon it, but please give me credit that you used it

over 10 years ago
by Waboingy

Portal - Still Alive

Here's the first verse and chorus for the Portal ending credits song. Each note corresponds to a syllable sung by the voice. It's hard for me to keep up with the actual song, will take some practice!

Let me know if you think anything doesn't sound right.



over 10 years ago
by Glutnix_2

Portal - Still Alive (both verses)

I've been practicing this one -- thanks Waboingy!

I went a further step and have made

also Lyrics to Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton (

Nothing you couldn't have figured out by yourselves; I'm putting it here so people can play it without having to remember where to add notes. Hope you guys enjoy the "soft 'oc-arina'd by you" JoCo ( sounds :D

We just need the outro now... Anyone keen to try?