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over 10 years ago
by Tenshin


Just came up with Zelda's lullaby(first ocarina tune you learn), let me know what you think.

Edit: keeps changing the key, it's set in A 8va

almost 6 years ago
by xean2007

All of These

Wow this song really came out nicely! Remember this first part requires the key of E while the second part (which is below the full row of blank squares) requires the key of A. Do your best figuring out how I tried composing it :)

over 10 years ago
by TheMule

Theme From Zelda

Hello Everyone out there in Smule Ocarina land!

I am privileged to be the first person to post a score on here from the Score Generator. It is the Theme From Zelda and it is in the key of B-Flat or A-Sharp using the Zeldarian mode. The phrasing I added should be taken with a grain of salt as I don't really know the true phrasing, but you can interpret it how you want. Have fun!

Hope this helps and if I screwed anything up let me know! :D

-The Mule

P.S. Don't forget to stay up to date on the journeys of me, The Mule, as I spread the word about Ocarina and other Smule apps!