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almost 6 years ago
by remier

Mononoke Hime (ghibli studio animation OST)

line 1~4
line 1~3 and jump 6
line 8~

over 5 years ago
by Sigvahad

harry potter (full version)

Have fun, it's home made ;-)

over 5 years ago
by madsa101

Saria's song (Full)

This is my take on Saria's song! its one octave lower than its supposed to at the end, but the rest i think is accurate. The song is from "The legend of Zelda: The ocarina of time" All feedback is welcome, and Enjoy!

over 5 years ago
by wawangkh

Pachelbel - Canon (Full)

It's still under construction!

Arrow indicates a wait of 1 second
Arrow in box indicates a wait of half second

The above is a guide for the tempo. Of course, you may apply your own tempo after you had skilled this well!

Using this to play your ocarina while broadcasting an original Canon, you'll find that it's synchronizing and you're playing gorgeously well!

about 5 years ago
by drulte

.:Star Wars | Theme Song:.

This is the full Star Wars theme song (without intro) made by drulte

The whole song loops one more time at the end.

about 5 years ago
by chessna

Super Mario Theme

Sorry there's no punctuation. This is my first day playing the ocarina, so I don't know the notation yet. Anyway, I noticed that people had asked for more of the Super Mario Theme, so I figured out all of the notes. Hopefully you can all figure out the rhythms yourselves. It just goes on an endless loop. Enjoy!

over 5 years ago
by alepele

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Theme

Este es mi primer post. Espero que lo disfruten mucho y cualquier cosa comenten! Gracias :]

almost 4 years ago
by gorgut

Song of Healing full

Somebody probably already made a version like this but I'm making it anyway.

Also first time posting something so don't judge to hard.