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over 7 years ago
by dickbear

Dae jang geum OST

Hello :D
So I just watched a korean drama: Dae hang geum OST
and there was this catchy song...and so I tried to play it on my Ocarina...I call her *Cally*....
and Cally did it wonderfully *MEGUSTA*
thats why...check it out...
so if u do it right, it will sound like this: LISTEN:

Have fun with the ocarina :D

Oh forgot to tell, I have an IpodTouch, so I could just play in Touch-Mode, thats why it doesn't sound too good. Do it better than me with ur IPhone!!!
Have a nice day :D

over 10 years ago

Zelda Theme

Hey, I just purchased Ocarina and am VERY impressed. This is definitely a step up from other apps as far as quality and price goes. Anyway, when I started to play this version of the zelda theme, I realized that some of the notes are supposed to repeat (as far as i am aware) and I think it sounds better that way. Also I really wanted to help out the beginners, so I properly placed all of the rests (spaces) and holds (lines) where you are supposed to pause and hold. (No offense to TheMule) Hope you guys enjoy! :mrgreen:

OK i am sorry everyone for the HUGE notes. I agree they were horrendously big. I t ... (more)

about 10 years ago
by Shadowrogue


If you're like me you spent a good amount of time looking up scores for each zelda song and bookmarking them. To save people some time I figured a compilation post was in order, so without further ado.

*Note I did not write any of these all credits go to the authors! (Sorry I don't know who the authors are if see a song I posted that was one of yours, just let me know and I'll add you that it was done by you)

Let me know if I missed any songs or broken links.


NAME (http://LINK)

EDIT: Updated and reformatted July 23th. New formatting is just atrocious.

over 8 years ago
by OnlyHumannC

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - "New Wave Bossa Nova"

...just a snippet, since that's how long the ocarina portion of the song is.

Interpreted off of:

(I do not own this song. All credit goes to the developers, writers, and composers associated with the Legend of Zelda video game series by Nintendo.)