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about 7 years ago
by FairysFountain

Serenade Of Water

This is Serenade Of Water, song from Ocarina Of Time.

almost 6 years ago

Fi's Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

My first theme for this app.

It's Fi's Theme from Skyward Sword.

Root as you prefer

Enjoy it! ^^

about 4 years ago
by mornstar

Song of Healing

For some reason, I cannot choose the Mode & Root, as it just redirects me to the new Smule page.

Root: D or C
Mode: Dorian

I did not make this score, I memorized this from a score that used to be available here. I can't seem to find it anymore for some reason...
Also, the very last note is not possible because it is of a note higher than what smule's ocarina app is capable of. So I used a random note that sounded okay-ish.

Please note that if you have touch mode off, interpret the yellow circle as just not touching the screen and just blowing air into the mic to create the so ... (more)