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over 8 years ago
by /songbook/scores/by_user/111344

Lavender Town Music

Music from Lavender Town in Pokemon Red and Blue

over 8 years ago
by Murugo

Pokemon Red/Blue: Prologue

"Welcome to the world of Pokemon!"

Rests and holds are not completely accurate. Play along with the melody:

about 8 years ago
by Veelocity

Pokemon - Littleroot Town

Hello, this is my first time translating a song for this app. I didn't see a lot of pokemon songs here, so I decided to add this one due to nostalgia factor and because it's one of my favorites.

I translated it by ear from and got the melody up until 36 seconds on the video.

I hope you enjoy!

over 10 years ago
by Mrfloyd

Super Mario

Just a little piece of the super mario theme song


about 10 years ago
by myname_2

Jigglypuff song

mode and root are probably incorrect, because I just bought a real ocarina 'cause I don't have enough money for an iPhone :| I actually don't need one - the only nice thing is the possibility to use earplugs to practise. you're welcome if you can tell me which mode an root I have, so I won't make mistakes in possible future scores. :) as you can read, this is my first score as well, so don't be rude ;)

note: moved to the right forum ^^;

almost 8 years ago
by nin10doh

Lugia's Song

This is Lugia's song from the Pokemon Movie 2000. There are a few on here, and I feel like this is the only one that sounds right to me. enjoy it! feel free to add your own timing to anything to make it sound right to your ear.

over 10 years ago
by Kholinar

Lugia's Song (Pokemon 2000)

The music second section is played thru once on the first time then goes on thru the one line section, then the second section is repeated and skips the one line section. Then it proceeds to the end. Feel free to improve upon it.

*edit* this is the complete score transcribed from the pdf at

(Credit: Cadence)

There is one low A at the very end that I changed to a C, as the Ocarina won't go that low.

almost 8 years ago
by 5hadowWolf

Pokemon Center

Just re passing the theme i got from RyMan to keep it alive..GOOD WORK RyMan!

over 8 years ago
by RyMan
over 7 years ago
by BassManiac76

Lugia's Song

The real and simple way to play the Lugia Song from Pokemon 2000. Pay special attention to the key and mode. Dashes are not rests they are sustains.

over 10 years ago
by ryanashcraft

Wind Waker: Dragon Roost Island Theme

Here's my first score… Enjoy!

You can listen to the original song from the game here:

over 9 years ago
by kaeran

Pokemon - Jigglypuff Song

Oh, this song is so cute and uber nostalgic.

The Jiggypuff songs sounds the best in root D. I deleted the extra notes and modified the timing.
Here's a pefect rendition of the Jiggypuff song: Pokemon - Jiggypuff Song .

Fun to duet with the pink pokemon:

over 7 years ago
by Dinggirl

Don't Ever Forget...

This is a song from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The timing is a little hard to put down here, so if you're a perfectionist, I'm sorry. You can listen to it the original here:
Note: I play this in touch mode.

I do not own this song, it belongs to Nintendo.

over 7 years ago
by Torisz

Pokemon RGBY: Lavender Town

The Lavender town theme, updated 2017.

over 7 years ago
by himenoel

Pokemon Snap Pokeflute

The starting bit for the poleflute music played in Polemon Snap for the N64. I know it isn't much but could some of you more experienced people help me finish it?

over 10 years ago
by Watemon

Zelda's Lullaby

Click here for a (as featured originally in A Link To The Past and The Ocarina of Time):


For additional help, here is an image of traditional sheet music with fingering numbers below the notes:

please reference the dorian mode on root pitch, A, for correct fingerings in the image below


Click here for a YouTube demonstration. (

almost 10 years ago
by Nacko91

Eponas song (C Zeldarian

Great job man! I just love these Zelda tunes :D here is my version of eponas song or more likely the complete tune of what malon sings )&touch= . Here is a link of how to play it (to get the rithms right )&touch= , although i transposed it a whole tone down XD ) and of course tune your ocarina right ^^ hope you like it

over 10 years ago
by deramo

Mario Brothers Theme

This one actually sounds right

over 10 years ago
by TheMule

Theme From Zelda

Hello Everyone out there in Smule Ocarina land!

I am privileged to be the first person to post a score on here from the Score Generator. It is the Theme From Zelda and it is in the key of B-Flat or A-Sharp using the Zeldarian mode. The phrasing I added should be taken with a grain of salt as I don't really know the true phrasing, but you can interpret it how you want. Have fun!

Hope this helps and if I screwed anything up let me know! :D

-The Mule

P.S. Don't forget to stay up to date on the journeys of me, The Mule, as I spread the word about Ocarina and other Smule apps!

over 10 years ago
by ForkInHell

Harry Potter Full

Yeh well done Foiden...thats good. I finished the rest of the main tune from yours...check it out...

about 10 years ago
by Shadowrogue

Zelda Ocarina of Time - Nocturne of Shadow

If you're like me you spent a good amount of time looking up scores for each zelda song and bookmarking them. To save people some time I figured a compilation post was in order, so without further ado.

*Note I did not write any of these all credits go to the authors! (Sorry I don't know who the authors are if see a song I posted that was one of yours, just let me know and I'll add you that it was done by you)

Let me know if I missed any songs or broken links.


NAME (http://LINK)

EDIT: Updated and reformatted July 23th. New formatting is just atrocious.

over 7 years ago
over 8 years ago
by JoranBelar

Saria's Song

Here's a version of Saria's song in F Lydian, the fingering seems a bit easier this way:

Saria's Song

over 8 years ago
by /songbook/scores/by_user/111422


by Akeboshi and the first ending of Naruto

almost 7 years ago
by Fmgamel

Lugia's Song

Corrected Kholinar's version a bit. There are some parts that have triplets and stuff but I won't put them here. Maybe later i'll name the notes with them.. anyway, I won't remake it all now, just the beginning. I'll try to do the rest later (-:

over 6 years ago
by iforgotmyself2da

Lugia's Theme. Pokemon 2000

I made some tweaks to the normal versions that just seemed to sound better to me.

over 6 years ago
by KayKayGal

Meloetta's Song of Love

From Pokemon Best Wishes series, This is one of the few songs that Meloetta sung when happy. This is my first score so I probably haven't used the buttons properly but you will (eventually) get it. ^_^