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over 10 years ago
by amethystjw

Twilight Princess - Ordon Village

This is a great tune. I have this set to play on my alarm clock each morning and I never get tired of it. It sounds wonderful on an ocarina!

over 10 years ago
by tcunni11

Bolero of Fire

No one generated my favorite song?! Well, I just had to start it off at least. I've only done the intro so don't be mad at me :oops:

When I'm finished it'll be based off:

almost 8 years ago
by kight00

Song of healing altered rendition

Repeat the first high pitch tone then come in on the heavier one. I couldn't really get the end of the heavier verse right so if anyone wants to improve on it, be my guest. The song was made so you can constantly repeat it.

over 10 years ago
by bishoprook

Saria's Song

I also made a score to this one... Sort of. Check it out .

It's not EXACTLY correct, though. If you listen to the full song, the second half of it is a clarinet/ocarina duet, and they both play slightly different parts, with the clarinet occasionally solo. And in either case, in order to play the clarinet part correctly, you need to be able to play the entire C major scale from low C to high F, while to play the ocarina part correctly, you need to be able to play it from low D to high G. In either case, that doesn't seem to be possible with ANY combination of mode and root. :?

So anyway, the se ... (more)

over 7 years ago
by ThePlayer01

Song of Healing

This is my first score, so it may not sound completely accurate.

about 7 years ago
by mrsimsfan2

Song Of Healing (Zelda Major's Mask)

SO I just did it by sound...Duh !
Well if their's anything wrong, just deal with it...
Thanks for stopping by !

about 8 years ago

Saria's Song Complete

just completing the music ^^

over 6 years ago
by gorgut

Song of Healing full

Somebody probably already made a version like this but I'm making it anyway.

Also first time posting something so don't judge to hard.

about 8 years ago
by Finwe123

Bremen March NOT DONE

Hey, this is my first submission, but I am not done with it yet.

over 4 years ago
by mornstar

Song of Healing

For some reason, I cannot choose the Mode & Root, as it just redirects me to the new Smule page.

Root: D or C
Mode: Dorian

I did not make this score, I memorized this from a score that used to be available here. I can't seem to find it anymore for some reason...
Also, the very last note is not possible because it is of a note higher than what smule's ocarina app is capable of. So I used a random note that sounded okay-ish.

Please note that if you have touch mode off, interpret the yellow circle as just not touching the screen and just blowing air into the mic to create the so ... (more)

over 10 years ago
by _Francisco

Zelda's Lullaby

It took me a day but here is what I got.

I'm not sure if the scoring was done properly but once you get the notes down you can just go with your instincts on how long a note should be held.

over 1 year ago
by palmasoures

Song of Healing (Majoras Mask)

My take on the memorable song of healing! I would really,really, really, appreciate feadback!