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about 8 years ago
by Ricepaddy

An Adept's Home (Golden Sun)

No one made it,so I just had to.
This one is a little tricky with all the scaling, but practice makes perfect!
Sadly, one note will be off, so I repeated the previous to make it less noticeable.
I'll make an accompaniment song if anyone wants to play along with a friend. I spaced just before where your friend should begin.
The next space is the area between where your friend takes over and is where you you finish up the song.
When the part for the friend is done, I'll put it in the comments. I dunno when it'll be done, though.


about 8 years ago
by Ricepaddy

Wintery Imil (Golden Sun)

An edit of chaos-bringer23's Imil from the epic game Golden Sun.
Spaced in 1/8 to make reading the faster sections easier.
I spaced part two separately, and the higher section I pulled down an octave.
Time for me to go to sleep.....


about 8 years ago
by Ricepaddy

Aqua Rock (Golden Sun)

An Alteration of Daft Monk's tune.
This is from the fantastic GBA game Golden Sun.

Unfortunately, the last note is a bit off. If anyone can make a better version, please do!

Play along to this!

(Maybe someone can make one for part 2? I'm not that good)


over 10 years ago
by Baltir

Golden Sun Theme

The theme from the GBA RPG Golden Sun.

Comments and criticism are appreciated!


about 10 years ago
by DaftMonk

Under a Lonely Moon

Also, some other Golden Sun tunes I've transcribed that both share an unfortunate commonality - the last note doesn't fit. :cry:

But the rest of the song sounds lovely, in both of the following's cases. Play both with the iPhone tilted downwards (to get the wavering effect needed). :D

(Source (

(Source (


about 8 years ago
by Ricepaddy

An Adept's Home (Golden Sun) Accompaniment

The details are found here.
I lowered the octave and added the accompaniment to this song.
The second section is played solo, and has a very quick part (marked) that I'd recommend you skip the third note on and play the rest if you can't nail it right.
The third section is played twice. Once alone, and next with your partner, finishing up the song.
I hope you enjoy playing this! I know I will!

Oh and here's the song to help you get in beat.