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about 8 years ago
by BasedPlayer

Kakariko villiage

I saw a couple of versions, but this one, I just created via fiddling around. It sounds nice in any key, but usually do it A# 8va

Do the first section twice, then the middle (the bridge? Separated via blank blocks) then the first part again.

Each block is one beat, each arrow is a seceding beat. The bar implies a break.

about 8 years ago
by diablo124

Kakariko Village

This is only the intro of the song, I havent figured out what notes go after this. This is a very basic piece, and good for adapting to your digital Ocarina <3


over 10 years ago
by Watemon

Zelda's Lullaby

Click here for a (as featured originally in A Link To The Past and The Ocarina of Time):


For additional help, here is an image of traditional sheet music with fingering numbers below the notes:

please reference the dorian mode on root pitch, A, for correct fingerings in the image below


Click here for a YouTube demonstration. (