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over 10 years ago
by C4FF

Cosmo Canyon

Alright people, here is my first score and I'm very proud of how it turned out :D .

It's been worked out by ear and verified by playing along. Sounds spot on to me. Enjoy!

NB: Before anyone asks, three notes are missing from the second round of the first part as they are too low for the ocarina, but you wont miss them I'm sure :D .

about 8 years ago
by CROcarina

Super Mario 64 - Ending Staff Roll

The ending Staff Roll music to Super Mario 64.

How to play:
1) Play once straight through.
2) Repeat from line #4 and play until end.

over 10 years ago
by _Francisco

Zelda's Lullaby

It took me a day but here is what I got.

I'm not sure if the scoring was done properly but once you get the notes down you can just go with your instincts on how long a note should be held.

over 10 years ago
by carloscrono

The Legend of Zelda - Epona's Song

Hi everyone!

I'd like to share all Songs from Ocarina of time! I will start with this: Epona's Song! (I am novice :D but I think it is ok):

If anybody knows how to play other songs from the game I will thank you if you post it here.

Thanks I hope you enjoy this!

PS: I almost forget! Try to post songs in Zeldarian mode!

almost 8 years ago
by nalic

Song of Storms

From Zelda Ocarina of Time, all phrasing is general.

about 6 years ago
by duckydeathly

Yoshi's Story

Theme song for Yoshi's Story. This is my first time uploading a song so forgive me if the pauses/breaks seem too sudden or something.