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over 6 years ago
by HylianDan

The Hobbit - Dreaming of Bag End

Bilbo's theme (or one of them) from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The tune is based on the well-known Shire melody, but after the first three notes it departs in a new direction.
Hold the notes that are followed by an arrow, and break when there's one or more empty boxes and you should be set. Here's the original:

over 7 years ago
by RuneGenesis


Tried to put together a good score for Titanic... it's not concrete, but it sounds good at least. The boxed arrows are repeat once, and the single arrow is repeat and skip to next arrow. I hope it works out. I do not own this song, or the notes, or any part of it. I merely wanted to Smule it, since nobody else has seemed to have worked it out yet.