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over 7 years ago
by 8vaTunes

Fairy Tail - Main Theme (Fast Ver.)

My All-Time favorite Anime Theme. Copied from the Piano Score Sheet. Although it's only the first page from the Piano Score it's still pretty fun to memorize and play. I recommend playing this in Touch Mode to get the full fast paced experience.

Totally repeatable and by the way I just added that little ending to it =)

Comments, critiques, tips and requests are greatly appreciated!

over 10 years ago
by Vexim

Luna's Song Lunar: Silver Song Story Complete

From my memory so the pitches may be a little off, but it's decent though and sounds pretty close. Thought I'd share it with everyone. It's the song that Alex was supposed to play with Luna at the festival thingy in the very beginning of the game.

Link to the score:

Link of me playing it:

about 10 years ago
by Yuki_2

Traverse Town

There you go!

over 10 years ago
by Ralle_2

Amazing Grace

Very good!

However I suggest a slight change. It makes the song harder but it's the way I prefer it. Look at this: