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almost 11 years ago
by modalmixture

Gerudo Valley theme

Key: A minor

Fingering: D dorian

Difficulty: Medium

This is a transcription based on docjazz4's playing in this clip:, from [0:21] up to [0:54]. It does not include his intro (can't bend notes on the iphone anyway...yet) or the harmony parts that he plays. I did tab out the ornamentation, so you may need to watch the video to get the rhythm right.

The original song from the game is in F# minor. To play along with it, set your ocarina to B Dorian.


about 7 years ago
by TheMule

Call Me Maybe -- Low Part

This is the low harmony for the chorus of Call Me Maybe

over 10 years ago
by Taco

Midna's Lament

Here is the basics to Midna's Lament from Twilight Princess. Those who have musical talent can fix this. :D