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about 10 years ago
by Piper

Hot N Cold -- Katy Perry

The bridge goes way up to E.

Sheet music is here:

No key signature. Only one accidental in the whole score -- an F# in the bridge.

So, it's E Dorian.

Here's one verse, chorus and bridge in E Dorian:

over 10 years ago
by ForkInHell

Harry Potter Full

Yeh well done Foiden...thats good. I finished the rest of the main tune from yours...check it out...

almost 10 years ago
by Nacko91

Eponas song (C Zeldarian

Great job man! I just love these Zelda tunes :D here is my version of eponas song or more likely the complete tune of what malon sings )&touch= . Here is a link of how to play it (to get the rithms right )&touch= , although i transposed it a whole tone down XD ) and of course tune your ocarina right ^^ hope you like it

over 10 years ago
by carloscrono

Song Of Time

[quote author=Watemon]Song of Time:

The Song of Time has an all-natural key signature, nevets' version adds three sharps. I haven't played your version yet, but try playing it on root C instead of A.

*Also consider, Song of Time was written in the (standard) Dorian mode (meaning root pitch D); considering Song of Time is strictly diatonic, the Zeldarian mode is redundant since you're using all the same notes and no accidentals. Try tabs written in either C ionian, or D dorian (I personally suggest D dorian)\[\/quote\]

I have played this version and you are right there are three sharps, nevets version b ... (more)