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over 10 years ago
by zephyrstarfields

Title Theme - The Legend of Zelda

I too made a Zelda theme. I was hoping to be the first one to get it on here, but didn't even know there was a forum until today. I'm actually glad I was the second, because playing through yours, The Mule, I found two notes in my ending that were wrong that I could never quite figure out.

For a guide to the way I use the "punctuation" squares, check out my blog post containing all of my scores here (

about 10 years ago
by myname_2

Jigglypuff song

mode and root are probably incorrect, because I just bought a real ocarina 'cause I don't have enough money for an iPhone :| I actually don't need one - the only nice thing is the possibility to use earplugs to practise. you're welcome if you can tell me which mode an root I have, so I won't make mistakes in possible future scores. :) as you can read, this is my first score as well, so don't be rude ;)

note: moved to the right forum ^^;

over 10 years ago
by StevarinOcarina

Greensleeves again

I'm posting a new version in G Aeolian, which is more correct to the original key and avoids the need to substitute one note. This was pursuant to Modalmixture's great advice in this thread:

I've also tried to be a little bit more rational with the timing indicators. I used the arrows for the dotted notes, these generally flow right into the notes following the arrow. If you listen to the song it should be clear. If anyone catches mistakes, please let me know or feel free to post a correction. Enjoy!

Here it is: