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about 8 years ago
by Schuetrumpf2

Minuet of Forest

I have finally decided to just start over from scratch.... It is still derived from the version posted by Py687...This is only a minor edit.

about 8 years ago
by MissMariaMichell

Minuet of Forest

Minuet of Forest from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

almost 8 years ago
by TheYinyang36

Minuet (simple)

Hello fellow smuleans! This is my second post and my second time composing my very own ocarina score and again, if you've seen my first post, three things:
1. If you are going to copy my work and repost, PLEASE GIVE CREDIT! It would be greatly appreciated. HOWEVER! Not necessary.
2. This song is actually longer and WAY more intricate in the original piece and harder to "translate" into ocarina score than the simplified version, so I did the elementary level of minuet.
3. Really even the simple version is longer, but not different from difficulty. Just that there are two different endings in the whole so ... (more)