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about 8 years ago
by stanleyopar2000

(Portal 2 Ending Theme) *SPOILER ALERT* Want You Gone"

it's the ending to portal 2...don't read the lyrics until you have played (if you have plans to play) the game as it ruins the game.

There were some parts I had to improvise...feel free to improve upon it, but please give me credit that you used it

over 7 years ago
by jkjkjkhhh

Ocarina of time minuet of forest

the minuet of forest that Sheik teaches you in OoT.
I'd say Its okay... your opinion?...
CrITICAL!!: when you're playing an open not with no fingers down, take the finger off the bottom.... Its for sweet potatoes, yes.

about 7 years ago
by Blade15263

Song of Time

I know doesnt sound exactly right but it was the closest I could figure.

about 5 years ago
by Mason_Stalcup

Do you hear the people sing?

This is a song from the musical: Les Miserables.