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about 8 years ago
by blinKX10

Sarias Song: F Lydian

Sarias Song in F Lydian; this took me a bit to try and transcribe this, any issues please comment and I'll try to fix it!

about 10 years ago
by BurningRambo

Song of Time (remade)

Hi i redid the Song of time Song because i thought that the notes werent being held long enough tell me if u like it

Plz send me feedback

over 10 years ago
by Xasthom

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Minuet of Forest

Was looking around for this but couldn't find it so I did it myself - enjoy!

I was gonna try and do the Nocturne of Shadow too but then I realized that without being able to accidentals it can't be done! *cries*

about 8 years ago
by Py687


over 7 years ago
by Zelderp

Lost Woods/Saria's Song

Hope it's correct~<3

over 10 years ago
by TheMule

Theme From Zelda

Hello Everyone out there in Smule Ocarina land!

I am privileged to be the first person to post a score on here from the Score Generator. It is the Theme From Zelda and it is in the key of B-Flat or A-Sharp using the Zeldarian mode. The phrasing I added should be taken with a grain of salt as I don't really know the true phrasing, but you can interpret it how you want. Have fun!

Hope this helps and if I screwed anything up let me know! :D

-The Mule

P.S. Don't forget to stay up to date on the journeys of me, The Mule, as I spread the word about Ocarina and other Smule apps!

over 8 years ago
by Moofan

Sarias Song / Lost Woods(LoZ)

I do not own this song. this is Copyright by Nintendo (Obviously.)