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over 10 years ago
by Xasthom

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Minuet of Forest

Was looking around for this but couldn't find it so I did it myself - enjoy!

I was gonna try and do the Nocturne of Shadow too but then I realized that without being able to accidentals it can't be done! *cries*

over 10 years ago
by foiden

Harry Potter Theme Song

Here's another edit rendition of it. It's very close to one of the movie renditions of the song. John Williams is a composer that uses a whole lot of chromatics, so this one is off by 1 single note which doesn't fit in any of the scales. However, I think I gave it a decent substitution. However, this gets all of the other chromatics in there. (Fortunately, I believe the substitution I used was indeed used in one of the official renditions of this song)

Harry Potter Theme update