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about 8 years ago
by /songbook/scores/by_user/111505

Clock Town

Clock Town from Majora's Mask

about 8 years ago
by crazyman5520

Song of Healing

here is the fixed version of the song of healing

almost 8 years ago
by AVega418

Song from Zelda?

Okay, well I was just messin' around on the ocarina and started playing this and it sounds so familiar but i cant put my tongue on it, so if you guys could tell me what its called (or if it even exists) then that would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. The line means a note held longer than the others.

almost 8 years ago
by saturn48

Lost Woods- OoT

Aka Saria's Song

over 10 years ago
by Etnies419

Song Of Time

Pretty easy song, I play it a lot on my real Ocarina. I love this one though, I can carry it around in my pocket.

I'm new to scoring Ocarina tabs, so the spaces might be confusing. The notes are right though.

Edit: I decided to add another one of my favorite Zelda songs, Serenade of Water.

over 7 years ago
by WinterSolstice95

Song of Storms

Original Song Composer: Koji Kondo
LoZ - Song of Storms~

This has always been my favorite song from OoT.

almost 7 years ago
by FairysFountain

Serenade Of Water

This is Serenade Of Water, song from Ocarina Of Time.

almost 7 years ago
by /songbook/scores/by_user/55934

Song of time

A chart I wrote for the full song of time. If you have a real six hole ocarina you should be able to use this chart, but on the third to last note cover the holes shown as well as the bottom two holes and slide your mouth down to just above the wind escape and blow only half as hard. This is a difficult note to master but it will be useful if you want to play the full versions of songs from LoZ:OoT. Best of luck. Melody is not mine, just the chart.

about 5 years ago
by HestraHassildor

Temple of Time - completed

Added the remaining portion, repetition as well as a couple other touch ups.

about 5 years ago
by hiroku15

Nocturne of Shadows

The Nocturne of Shadows from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is what I think sounds the most like the full song. Tell me what you think!

about 4 years ago
by mornstar

Song of Healing

For some reason, I cannot choose the Mode & Root, as it just redirects me to the new Smule page.

Root: D or C
Mode: Dorian

I did not make this score, I memorized this from a score that used to be available here. I can't seem to find it anymore for some reason...
Also, the very last note is not possible because it is of a note higher than what smule's ocarina app is capable of. So I used a random note that sounded okay-ish.

Please note that if you have touch mode off, interpret the yellow circle as just not touching the screen and just blowing air into the mic to create the so ... (more)