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over 10 years ago

Zelda Theme

Hey, I just purchased Ocarina and am VERY impressed. This is definitely a step up from other apps as far as quality and price goes. Anyway, when I started to play this version of the zelda theme, I realized that some of the notes are supposed to repeat (as far as i am aware) and I think it sounds better that way. Also I really wanted to help out the beginners, so I properly placed all of the rests (spaces) and holds (lines) where you are supposed to pause and hold. (No offense to TheMule) Hope you guys enjoy! :mrgreen:

OK i am sorry everyone for the HUGE notes. I agree they were horrendously big. I t ... (more)

almost 8 years ago
by MrClassyDud

Zelda Theme - Main (No intro)

My version of the famous Zelda Theme. It's recommended that you play about 3 notes a second (when they are next to each other) and hold the -- for .5 or 1 seconds depending on your interpretation. Spaces are also .5 to 1 seconds. Enjoy!

almost 8 years ago
by MrClassyDud

Epona's Song (Plus Extra Composition)

Recommended you play at about 2-3 notes per second. - are worth .5 to 1 second and so are spaces.

almost 8 years ago
by MrClassyDud

Concerning Hobbits - Lord of the Rings

Basically, if you know the tune it's really easy the lowest melody is just "C" the middle melody is "E" and the highest is "C 8va". Enjoy!