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almost 8 years ago
by AVega418

Song from Zelda?

Okay, well I was just messin' around on the ocarina and started playing this and it sounds so familiar but i cant put my tongue on it, so if you guys could tell me what its called (or if it even exists) then that would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. The line means a note held longer than the others.

over 10 years ago
by rezza22

Zelda Ocarina of Time - Hyrule Castle Town Market

While playing through all the zelda suff on this site, i noticed this one was not posted up. well here ya whoever wants it! its from ocarina of time when you go to the market as a child ;)

over 7 years ago
by 8vaTunes

Fairy Tail - Main Theme (Fast Ver.)

My All-Time favorite Anime Theme. Copied from the Piano Score Sheet. Although it's only the first page from the Piano Score it's still pretty fun to memorize and play. I recommend playing this in Touch Mode to get the full fast paced experience.

Totally repeatable and by the way I just added that little ending to it =)

Comments, critiques, tips and requests are greatly appreciated!

over 7 years ago
by TobyRox

Zelda Great Fairy Fountain

Also known as the Mario Bros 3 world 3 overworld theme.
I think idk.
Tell me if it needs improving but it sounds spot on to me.
The only problem is I can't play the note in the 2nd row, the blank box.
Nothing seems to work >:/
Well, enjoy anyways.
Hope you guys like it!