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about 10 years ago
by TheCosmicButton

Avatar Mix

Was listening to all the avatar Songs on Youtube and this mix got created in my head

Listen to Avatar Soundtracks on Youtube Here:

*Avatar is An American Anime and has no relation to the James Cameron's Movie "Avatar"

about 7 years ago
by Thingwithwings

Leaves from the Vine

From Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not mine, but I didn't see this version on this site. Feel free to improve on it.

about 7 years ago
by hobo man

four seasons

this song was requested by majorhughes
its a little messed up but i made it so feel free to fix it up....
just give me credit heres the original link


over 10 years ago
by Watemon

Halo Theme

Perfect, except for one wrong note: the first note on the third line should be a 3 instead of a 1 (B concert instead of A concert).


Other than that, nothing's wrong with these tabs, however if you consider how the piece is written, it's functionally written in E Dorian as opposed to D Ionian; these two particular modes have the EXACT SAME key signature and collection of notes so it's not a matter of anything being incorrect, it's just considering the theory behind the music (and how the music actually sounds) it's not in a major (ionian) mode.

With this in mind, transcribed to E Dorian. Sounds EXACT ... (more)