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almost 8 years ago
by /songbook/scores/by_user/108384

Epic Sax Guy - for example of how it should sound

do the first note then when you start the second hold it down and then alternate between that and the third note until you get to the 6th and then play the 7th.

over 7 years ago
by player_1

Replay as by Iyaz

This is a simple transcription of the song "Replay" as by Iyaz. Hope you guys like it!
Sorry it may not be complete, but it was easy enough to figure out, so if you really want to play the whole thing, either figure it out or comment (if possible).

about 10 years ago
by Aryo

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Hi All,

I just made this score for the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow... There are some errors in it.

For example in one place I do not hold the note enough long. And I am not sure maybe the pitch goes

a bit wrong in the second half. But I wrote this down from my head. I hadn't heard it for long is

out of my memory... :) But I think it gives a clue about notes, how to play this song...

Happy Playing,


over 10 years ago

Zelda Theme

Hey, I just purchased Ocarina and am VERY impressed. This is definitely a step up from other apps as far as quality and price goes. Anyway, when I started to play this version of the zelda theme, I realized that some of the notes are supposed to repeat (as far as i am aware) and I think it sounds better that way. Also I really wanted to help out the beginners, so I properly placed all of the rests (spaces) and holds (lines) where you are supposed to pause and hold. (No offense to TheMule) Hope you guys enjoy! :mrgreen:

OK i am sorry everyone for the HUGE notes. I agree they were horrendously big. I t ... (more)

over 4 years ago
by Arkenstone14

Returns a King

Work in progress song from the 300 soundtrack.

It's the chanting song from when Leonidas Wears the pelt of the wolf and becoming king (duh!).

both c roots sound good, i used ionian and zeldarian so far but i'm still trying to finish it.