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almost 8 years ago
by Sigvahad

Indiana Jones main theme

It's home made so have fun ! Note : you can also play it in F ionian mode.

almost 8 years ago
by Akairyuu

Sonic 2 Boss Music - Main

The Main melody for the Boss Music in Sonic 2. The main and intro are both in different keys so I had to split them into separate pieces.

Each block is worth a quaver each.

over 7 years ago
by 8vaTunes

Fairy Tail - Main Theme (Fast Ver.)

My All-Time favorite Anime Theme. Copied from the Piano Score Sheet. Although it's only the first page from the Piano Score it's still pretty fun to memorize and play. I recommend playing this in Touch Mode to get the full fast paced experience.

Totally repeatable and by the way I just added that little ending to it =)

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